Finance & Lease Options

At the moment we do not offer Finance and Lease Options. You can utilise Paypal’s Pay in 4 option if you qualify.

Prior to covid we only offered Humm on package deals – you paid the full price of the package if you put it on Humm OR we offered you a pay upfront discount on the package. You could not get both.

After covid we could never get all items in stock to offer consistent packages. Plus prices went up significantly and transporting larger orders became more difficult. Transport companies implemented many new charges on the delivery of bulky items.

By not offering finance and packages we have found that we can operate at a reduced margin while offering better prices (not better than before covid due to the price increases).

Buy Now Pay Later

Sorry we don’t offer Afterpay, Zip or similar buy now pay later options. They charge 5%+ for retailers to use this. The combination of product costs increasing combined with the cost of everything else going up, we could not afford to do it before covid and definitely not after. We would rather put up our very best price for everyone.

However as mentioned above you can use Paypal as they do not charge any additional fees for their BNPL solution.

Finance for Large Purchases

We previously used to arrange finance for large purchases. This ultimately involved us getting you to fill out forms and the we would hand them to the finance company. If the finance company required us to get more information we would ask you. Then give it to the finance company. That is one of the reasons we stopped doing this. It is easier for everyone if you deal direct.

Other than being more efficient, it is critical that if you are getting finance that you fully understand your commitments. Once we have shipped the goods, the relationship is between the finance company and yourself. We have no input into the contract that you sign. So if something goes wrong or you are unhappy with something there is not much we can do.

Also bear in mind that fitness equipment companies that offer finance often get a kick back or charge to arrange the finance. The company that they recommend may not be offering the best deal for you. Make sure you shop around and fully understand the terms and conditions.

Financing – The Bottom Line

I know some people will not like our finance arrangements. We could make more sales if we did offer such arrangements. Our aim in this business is to offer our customers the best value so they can improve their health and fitness. Using credit cards and online banking already sends loads of money to the bank. Finance just sends more.

Just like eating healthy is critical to your health and wellbeing, so is managing your finances in my opinion. Drowning in debt is a great way to increase your stress and destroy your gains. We have been in business for nearly twenty years, so save up for your next purchase as we will still be here!