Ironmaster - Strength for Life

The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells and Ironmaster Super Bench, along with the Powertec Leverage Gyms, were the primary reasons why I started Sam’s Fitness. Just one look on the internet at these products and I was hooked. Getting them into Australia proved a nightmare, so I knew importing these products for the Australian market was a no brainer. So if you are at home tossing up whether to take the gamble and purchase Ironmaster products online without trying them, well I quit my job and put my life savings online to get mine!

The Ironmaster products are unique and covered with several patents – not that it is a big issue. Several Chinese factories have tried to copy, but they can’t make the knock offs with any sort of comparable quality for a cheaper price.

This is the big advantage of dealing with a reputable US brand like Ironmaster. They sell their products globally, so can manufacture on a large scale. So not only do you get the peace of mind purchasing an established branded product, you also get it at a great price due to the savings associated with mass production.

Ironmaster products have been designed to maximise the use of space. The footprints are compact, and with clever design offer multi-function, often with the use of various attachments. If you think the products will be flimsy since they have been designed to be space efficient, then you will be blown away by their weight load capacities. The Super Bench is not only extremely compact, it is rated for 1,000lbs in the flat position!

For people in Australian capital cities like Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, the space for home gyms is getting smaller as property prices continue to rise. Having the space for a home gym is a real luxury. Products like the Quick Lock Dumbbells, Super Bench, IM2000 and IM1500 with their compact footprints and multi functions are perfect for the people in these situations.

So if you think that you don’t have the space for a home gym, even if you live in an apartment, you can get gym equipment that takes up minimal space while remaining both functional and heavy duty. The Quick Lock Dumbbells combined with Super Bench and some attachments has been a favourite for the weight trainer who is short on space.

The Super Bench has always been unique in the global market as it has a wide range of optional attachments. By genuine I mean these attachments will give the exercise that they are replicating – for example you can do proper dips on the dip attachment. The good news is the list of attachments and options for the Super Bench and other Ironmaster equipment continues to grow and evolve.

Matt, the owner of Ironmaster, is a passionate weight trainer, so many of the products were initially designed to fulfil his needs. A lot of products are designed these days just to sell and make money. They look good in an advertisement, they are reasonably priced but when you go to train on them they simply do not work – for examples just watch a bit of late night TV and check out some of the infomercials!

On the other hand products like the Dumbbell Spotting Stands will never make Matt a billionaire. They are a niche product – for Super Bench owners and heavy lifters only. So you are never going to sell thousands of them. But for people who want to lift heavier dumbbells when they are training by themselves, they are a godsend. The range has been designed and developed to work in synergy with each other. For example the Ironmaster IM1500 does not have provision for a lat pulldown option like many other half racks do. However the Super Bench has the cable tower option, so you can still add on high and low pulley exercises.

Nearly all the Ironmaster products have been around for years. So not only do you know that they are popular and they work, but more importantly, the products have been tweaked and refined. The Ironmaster product you are thinking about purchasing is the end result of years testing in the best environment – people’s gyms. Here is an advert from 1986 for the IM2000 predecessor. You can see many things have been changed, but the basics still remain.