Rubber Stoppers for Gym Equipment

Protect your gym equipment and enhance the user experience with our high-quality rubber stoppers. Specially designed to cushion and reduce noise, these rubber stoppers prevent direct metal-to-metal contact and safeguard your equipment’s paint from chipping.

  • Prevent the paint from chipping
  • Extend the longevity of your equipment
  • Reduce the noise during training
  • Suits multiple brands
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Here’s how you can integrate them into various gym equipment:

Weight Stacks & Weight Carriages: Place these rubber stoppers either beneath the stack to shield the weight plates or weight carriage from colliding with the frame. Alternatively, mount them at the top to avoid any contact between the carriage and the frame’s upper section.

Weight Plate Trees: Our collection includes rubber stoppers in both Standard and Olympic sizes. Simply slide them over the weight horns, ensuring your weight plate tree and your valuable weight plates remain free from direct contact and potential damage.

Machines with Weight Horns: If you have plate-loaded machines like smith machines, Lever Arm Multi Press, or Jammer Arms, it’s crucial to have rubber stoppers at the sleeve ends. This ensures an extended lifespan of your equipment by eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

Specialty Barbells: Our rubber stoppers or rings are perfect for specific barbells such as the Safety Squat Bar, Multi-Grip Barbell, and Hex Trap Barbells. They offer a snug fit and provide an extra layer of protection.