As we have been in they gym equipment game for decades we have seen many machines come and go. The gear we sell will last a lifetime, so we have decided put together a catalogue of some of these great machines. We have included detailed product details, images and where possible assembly manuals and instructions. Plus there will be some reminiscing about the times we spent with some of these old flames......

Powertec Workbench Ab Plus

The Powertec Workbench Ab Plus was a quirky machine. I only ever got a handful. It is a real walk down memory lane in terms of training styles. This was a time when people thought the only way they could train abs was with a machine. Nowadays there are so many other simpler ways. In […]

Workbench Powertec Leg Press Accessory

The Powertec Workbench Leg Press Attachment was one attachment that had a mixed response. Some people liked it while others were not impressed. I reluctantly sold it, only after a few people said they liked it. After a while it become too much trouble. Personally I feel the actual concept of a leg press attachment […]

The Powertec Vertical Gym was a real quirky gym. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it was popular with some. When you look at the footprint, it was not far off the Powertec Leverage Gym. The extra space and money was well worth stepping up to the bigger gym. This recommendation was based on […]

The Powertec Complact LeverGym was a great concept and showcased excellent design skills. It just was not that great to use. Before I outline my criticisms I should declare bias. My preference is always simplicity over complexity. My job as a fitness equipment retailer is to get people the best possible gym equipment for their […]

Powertec Leverage Chest Prest L-CP

The Powertec Leverage Chest Press was a great little machine. It was very basic, but yet delivered a timeless chest exercise. In true Powertec style it featured some extra functionality. The simple angle adjustment allowed you to do incline and decline leverage bench press. Sadly this machine was discontinued not long after I started distributing […]

L-LEC Powertec Leverage Leg Extension Curl Machine.

Writing about the Powertec Leverage Leg Extension/Curl brings a tear to my eyes. It is a real story about what could have been. After personally witnessing how popular a plate loaded leg extension leg curl machine could be, I feel Powertec made a mistake by removing this machine from their range. The Leverage Leg Extension/Curl […]

The Powertec Leverage Low Row was another machine that had loads of potential. We had one set up in the showroom many moons ago. It was not the best row. But it certainly wasn’t the worse. In a gym environment it was a handy addition. We used it many times in back workouts. Powertec Leverage […]

Powertec Leverage Quikfit System

It was machines like the Powertec Leverage QuikFit System that made me really proud to be a Powertec dealer. You have to remember. It was before 2010 and the options for affordable gym equipment was really limited. There was simply nothing on the market even remotely comparable to this system. Having had one set up […]

The Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press was a great little machine. The fact that it was little was one of the reasons that made it great! In just over one square meter you could load it up and hit the shoulders hard. This machine could handle as much weight as you could fit on it. Or […]

Powertec Power Lever

I am not going to lie to you. The L-PL Powertec Power Lever was a gimmick. Practically all the exercises that are demonstrated can be performed with a 4ft Olympic barbell. It can be argued that the Olympic barbell option is superior too. Most importantly for the budget conscious, it was a lot cheaper. Now […]

Powertec Bench Rack System

The Powertec Bench Rack System was just a half rack and bench combination. What made it out stand out from the pack was the famous yellow Powertec colour. You could also get it in red and grey. I mean there were design elements that made it stand out from the competition. Most notably the Powertec […]

Powertec T Bar Row

The Powertec Leverage T Bar Row is another one that got away. If you read my old Powertec reviews, this is a recurring theme. Normally I am glowing about my reviews on the discontinued machines that I thought had a promising future. The T Bar Row was one that could have been improved. In it’s […]

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