As we have been in they gym equipment game for decades we have seen many machines come and go. The gear we sell will last a lifetime, so we have decided put together a catalogue of some of these great machines. We have included detailed product details, images and where possible assembly manuals and instructions. Plus there will be some reminiscing about the times we spent with some of these old flames......

The Ab Plus Bench is the only abdominal bench of its kind to provide a total ab workout. Train the upper and mid abs in the crunch position. Insert the handle bar accessory and work the lower abs and hip flexors. The bench adjusts into three positions to vary the level of resistance. As a […]

A Leg Press is a massive piece of gym equipment. Plus a good quality machine is expensive too. It is generally the exercise that you lift the most weight so you are going to a lot of Olympic plates. Have I turned you off yet??? That is why the Powertec Leg Press Accessory is such a great […]

“An affordable compact Workbench home gym designed to train the entire body” The Powertec Vertical Gym is a new addition to our highly successful “Workbench Series”. It is an upright frame structure design which makes it the most space saving multi gym in the line. It is the only gym of it’s kind to incorporate […]

The Compact Gym is the perfect tool for someone to get in shape who doesn’t have an abundance of space or time to squeeze in a workout at the gym. This multi gym will fit easily into a study, corner of bedroom or small garage. As you can see it is tiny when folded up for storage. Despite […]

The “New” Leverage Power Bench Press is finally the answer to perfecting one of the best exercises of all time. Nothing beats the old fashioned barbell bench press for packing on muscles to the chest, deltoids and triceps. The problem for years is how to really work to the maximum, push out that last one […]

Powertec has had many requests for this machine over the past few years. The Leverage Squat Calf is a tough act to follow but when it comes to refining and shaping the legs there is no better machine then the Leverage Leg extension/curl machine. The extension trains the entire thigh while the leg curl works […]

The problem with the typical seated row to date is that the trainer is forced into a predetermined pattern of movement and the upper body is isolated by a restrictive chest pad, which not only limits the motion, but also can be quite uncomfortable pressing into your rib cage and chest area. The traditional cable […]

The new Muscle Shaping System from Powertec was introduced due to the overwhelming trend generated from the health club market over the last few years. What are called “Functional training systems” in the gym have become very popular. While they fill the need of the serious trainer to perform basic cable cross exercises, they also […]

The new generation of Shoulder press machines are now set at a comfortable angle. You can really contour your body into the movement. The angle not only makes the exercise feel great, it also eliminates undue stress on the deltoids often experienced with traditional upright machines. The arc of the motion is still the same […]

The Powerlever was originally developed to duplicate the pattern of the traditional standing barbell curl for biceps and forearms. This has been accomplished in probably the best arm curl machine you’ll ever feel. It was also discovered that the unique scissors type lever arm motion provides the perfect patterns for many strength building exercises such […]

Great value home gym for the free weight trainer The well-established hot yellow color is not the only thing that makes the Powertec Bench/Rack System different. The bench can be removed allowing access to a heavy duty squat rack. The bench is on wheels so it can be easily moved in and out. Simple yet […]

The POWERTEC Leverage T-Bar Row is a simple yet highly effective piece of equipment. If you want to add size and strength then you won’t go wrong with this unit. The angled footplates put you in the perfect position to perform this exercise properly. There is no cheating here! It can really stop you in […]

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