Powertec Leverage Low Row L-LR

The Powertec Leverage Low Row was another machine that had loads of potential. We had one set up in the showroom many moons ago. It was not the best row. But it certainly wasn’t the worse. In a gym environment it was a handy addition. We used it many times in back workouts.

Powertec Leverage Low Row L-LR with bodybuilder Jay Cutler

Powertec Leverage Low Row Review

The machine was so close to being great. You had to get yourself into the right position for the optimal engagement of the back muscles. If you sat upright doing heavy weight, you could feel yourself being pulled forward. The trick was to lean forward.

The other area to improve was the handle. Adding a curve to increase range of motion would have been better. Making it adjustable would have been great. Plus having the option for a chest pad would have made it almost two machines in one.

With these improvements this would have been another Powertec single station machine suitable for smaller gyms. A lat machine, t-bar row machine and the low row would offer great variety to any training facility.

Original Powertec Low Row Marketing

The problem with the typical seated row to date is that it forces the trainer into a predetermined pattern of movement and isolates the upper body with a restrictive chest pad. This not only limits the motion but also can be quite uncomfortable as it presses into your rib cage and chest area.

The traditional cable low row has been an awesome exercise for many years but could only be utilized with a cable and pulley system. The advantage to this exercise is that it allows freedom to move your upper torso and really stretch the back muscles during the movement. The precise motion was studied and built it into a dual moving lever arm. This scissoring effect allows for total freedom of the exercise to conform to your body’s natural motion. Because it is a lever it keeps you in great form through the range of motion.

Tremendous pre stretch and contraction are guaranteed. The foot plates enable your lower body to remain stable while your upper body has total freedom to adapt to the groove of the exercise. Just as with the traditional cable low row, No restrictive chest pad is necessary.
If you are interested in that powerful “V” shape back, you have to add this machine to your workout.

Model # L-LR
L = 178cm W = 61cm Ht = 51cm Wt = 62kgs
Weight load capacity = 180kgs