Powertec Gym Equipment

Powertec will go down in the history books as pioneers in the gym equipment market. By introducing the functionality of commercial leverage machines into compact multi gyms for home and light commercial use, they have made home weight training viable for even the most serious trainer. How serious are we talking? Lee Priest won his first IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Show training at home on Powertec gym equipment.

The Leverage Advantage

What makes the Powertec Multi System and LeverGym so revolutionary? They were the first to combine multiple, quality leverage exercises into one machine. I emphasise quality as this is what separates the Powertec gyms from other home gym designs. The leverage format allowed for heavy pressing, squatting and pulling stations – the movements that build the foundations of quality muscle and strength.

Previous cable home gym designs were typically limited by weight stacks. Squatting was rarely an option. The Powertec Multi System delivered pressing and squatting stations that were just like the ones you would use at the gym, with weight capacities of 500lbs.

Powertec Multi System Evolution

While creating gyms that were visually impressive and highly functional, by utilising the leverage format Powertec were able to offer these gyms at a very affordable price. Through clever design, the gyms are a lot easier to produce than complicated cable gyms. Another advantage of this design is that the gyms are virtually maintenance free.

Powertec Leverage Gym Evolution

More than Multi Gyms.

The striking construction yellow multi gyms are often the first thing that springs to mind when people think of Powertec. However it might surprise many that the multi gyms aren’t always the best sellers. Powertec Power Racks have gained a growing following over the years for the same reasons as the multi gyms. Their compact, clever design make them ideal for home or light commercial use. Often the lat towers on Power Racks are just an afterthought, Powertec on the other hand deliver a pulldown and row option that is as smooth and heavy duty as any you will use in a commercial facility.

Powertec Power Rack Evolutions

Powertec has produced some classic single station gym equipment over the years. Designs take into consideration the space limitations which are nearly always an issue with domestic and light commercial users. The Powertec machines feature multi functions enabling different body parts to be trained on one machine.

The Powertec Multi Press embodies this design philosophy and has become a totally unique product on the market. Previously a single station leverage chest press and should press were offered separately. Both were great machines, but a luxury few home weight trainers and personal trainers could afford in terms of space. Powertec responded with the innovative Multi-Press, a chest and shoulder press in one.

Powertec Mult Press


Other than design, what really sets Powertec apart from the pack is quality. With the explosion in manufacturing in Asia and in particular China, anyone can source literally any gym equipment design at a variety of prices. The reason I say variety of prices is because a Chinese factory can make you a very cheap home gym which may look the part, but once you start using it you will realise it wasn’t made for serious weight training.

After over 15 years making Multi Systems and LeverGyms, they have refined the process so that they can churn out quality gyms at a great price. This has been proven over time by those who have tried to copy these gyms. To match or beat Powertec pricing they have to cut corners in quality.

The other advantage of being in the game for so long is the ability to provide good after sales service. A lot of generic design gyms that come out of Chinese factories may come with warranties, but if you do have a claim they don’t have the spare parts available. Powertec back their quality with lifetime frame warranties, plus have the parts to service any claims.


All Powertec strength equipment frame structures are mig welded and consist primarily of 2 – 4″ square and rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm or 12 gauge. All steel materials are of the highest grade available.

Steel frames are thoroughly cleaned and treated. They are then painted and baked in a hard, durable powder coat finish, which will last a lifetime. Powertec is one of the only consumer companies to offer multiple colors in some select models.

Parts such as aircraft cable, ball bearing reinforced pulleys, side mounted and linear bearings, nylon precision bushings, and spring loaded pins are all industrial grade to ensure a smooth and quiet operation.

Pads are constructed of 5cm thick, high-density foam surrounded by top grade upholstery for a firm, contoured feel. All Pads are double stitched. Powertec is also the only company to provide all roller pads with an upholstered finish, which are secured with an aluminum end cap.

Hardware components such as nuts, bolts, washers and knobs are all high tensile strength to withstand heavy usage and stress.

Weight capacities are tested to a recommended safe range based on maximum load usage.


  • Lifetime on frames (excluding paint finish)
  • 5 year warranty on Moving Frames (Press Arms and other unspecified moving components).
  • 2 years on component parts (bearings, spring pins)
  • 1 year on pads, grips and unspecified parts.