L-CG Powertec Compact LeverGym

The Powertec Complact LeverGym was a great concept and showcased excellent design skills. It just was not that great to use. Before I outline my criticisms I should declare bias. My preference is always simplicity over complexity.

My job as a fitness equipment retailer is to get people the best possible gym equipment for their training requirements. At the best possible price. If there is a simple solution like an adjustable bench and an adjustable dumbbell set. That will always be my recommendation.

So in this case, regardless of this specific machine, I will always be skeptical of a such a compact gym concept. If it works I am the biggest fan. The Powertec Leverage Gym & ATX Triplex are great compact home gyms. They have done the job for so many people all around the World. But if I don’t feel a gym hits the target I will say so.

L-CG Powertec Compact LeverGym Review

This gym was so close to getting it right. If the leverage bench press, lateral pulldown and leg press machine all functioned a little better, this machine would have been great. However the bio mechanics just did not seem right.

Leverage Leg Press

Leverage resistance is great. It is relatively cheap and can feel amazing. The downside is the resistance curve. The weight moves in an arc and the level of resistance can vary. On some machines or exercises you don’t notice it. On machines like the Powertec Compact LeverGym you do.

If you read my thoughts on the Powertec Leg Press Attachment you will see that the you could not get constant resistance. The bio mechanics are the same on this Compact Gym. For some people with different biomechanics, this leg press may work. It did not for me, and I could not configure it to get it to feel right.

Leverage Bench Press

Sadly the leverage bench press was worse. The leverage resistance arrangement on this exercise was more complicated. It felt like each pivot point introduced some slop into the movement. This was my least favourite exercise on this machine.

I believe there must have been some design changes on this machine after the initial concept. In the video below you will see the original Powertec designer’s son demonstrate a Powertec Compact Gym. This is a different machine to the Powertec L-CG Compact LeverGym in the pictures above.

The stand out difference is the leverage arrangement. You can see a curved arm and fixed struts. It is my opinion this is how the machine should have been manufactured to optimize the resistance curve. This would have reduced a lot of slop out of the movement.

The only slop that I possibly could see would be the adjustment for the bench arm angle. This would have always been a downside on this design. To get into the right pressing position the adjustment would need to be made on the arm. On other leverage machines the adjustment is made on the start/stop position.

It would have been great to have a play around on the original design.

Hitting Price Points

My guess is that the design was revised because it was too expensive. As an armchair quarterback it is very easy to critique gyms. On paper you can build the perfect gym for the perfect price. But it is the actual cost to produce and support a machine that matters. To build this gym right it might have been very expensive for the target market.

This is the battle that manufacturers of all products face.

The leverage concept in this video works. It is very similar to set up on the ATX standing leg curl machine exercise on the ATX-LEM-760. Maybe with the latest manufacturing and design techniques a similar concept could be revisited.

Powertec Compact Gym Specifications

The Compact Gym is the perfect tool for someone to get in shape who doesn’t have an abundance of space or time to squeeze in a workout at the gym. This multi gym will fit easily into a study, corner of bedroom or small garage. As you can see it is tiny when folded up for storage.

Despite the footprint you can still hit all the major bodyparts on the Compact Gym.

 Powertec have also produced some really good workout videos. These not only show you how to do the exercises with correct form, but most importantly how to combine them into quick and easy workouts.


Footprint: L=207cm W=103cm H=165cm

Weight: 78kgs

Weights: Weights are not included. The unit will accept any Olympic style plate. If you don’t have Olympic weight plates check out our package deals below.

Weight Load Capacities: 300lbs