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A new and improved version of the most popular multibench in the world – IRONMASTER SUPER BENCH


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Ironmaster Super Bench is one of the most loved benches in home and garage gym community. It is extremely well built, takes minimal footprint and can be expanded via plethora of optional accessories. To name a few: Leg Extension/Leg Curl Attachment, Dip Attachment, Chin Up Attachment and even Cable Tower!

Even though Ironmaster found the winning formula for home gym bench, they still want to improve it, just have a look at the newly added features below:


  1. A handle has been added to the front of the bench, making it far easier to move the bench around.
  2. Laser engraved bench angle positions, takes the second guessing out of the training.
  3. Dual-Width Hybrid pad now comes as standard with the Ironmaster Super Bench PRO V2.
  4. Additional position for the seat has been added, this makes the overhead pressing and dumbbell exercises much easier.

Features of the Super Bench PRO V2

Backrest Pad Adjustments


The Backrest Pad Adjustments – can be adjusted in a total of 11 positions: 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.

Seat Adjustments – the seat can be adjusted in three different positions: 12.5″, 14.5″, 23.5″ off the floor.

Dual-Width Backrest Pad – the narrower part allows you to reap the benefits of the bodybuilding style training as it allows you to get more stretch on your muscles. The Wider part conforms to IPF specifications making it perfect for heavy bench pressing.

Patented Foot Lever Adjustment allows you to change the angle of the bench in a second!

Construction – manufactured from 11 & 12 gauge steel, this bench is rated for 1000 in flat position and 600 lbs in incline position.

Move it in and out of your training area thanks to the included Roller Wheels and a grip handle in the front of the bench.

Lightweight Design – The bench alone weighs just 65 lbs (without the seat) and 69 lbs with the seat.

Dimensions – Height – ~44 cm, Width – 57 cm, Length – 120cm, Backrest Pad – Length ~112cm, – Width- 26cm/31cm Thickness – 6.4 cm.


Attachment Compatibility


Product Specifications

Weight 36.4 kg
Bench Type



Sold Individually.

Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Back Pad Dimensions




Weight Load Capacity






Adjustment Positions

0 – 85



3 reviews for Ironmaster Super Bench PRO

  1. Arthur Zavras (verified owner)

    Absolutely stoked with this bench and the service!! I was doing lots of research on a bench for my garage gym. I read heaps of reviews and watched many videos reviewing the bench and comparing to others. I couldn’t decide between this and the REP Blackwing but went with Ironmaster for a few reasons.

    The attachments range is awesome, leaving lots of room to expand the exercise options. The light weight and wheels make this easy to move so my wife can use it when I’m not around. It stores upright easily, and one of the few criticisms reviewers have about the pad quality and seat seem to be farfetched to me.

    I’ve never used a better quality pad at a gym and the seat adjustment is optimal so that I can do overhead tricep extensions without hitting the back of the pad. I really like everything about this bench and I’m really happy that I went with this one. Absolutely no regrets.

    The service from Sam was amazing, processing the order and delivery was blazingly fast, even so early into the New Year. I can’t recommend this enough.

  2. waynedoc7 (verified owner)

    Fantastic bench!!! If you’re undecided and still reading reviews on all the possible benches available, stop now you won’t buy a better bench for the price. Thanks Sam’s such speedy processing and delivery I thought I’d be waiting weeks not days. Could not be happier. ??

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    Got the bench as well as the other ironmaster bench attachments from Sam’s fitness! Matt has been extremely helpful and responsive with my order. Really appreciate buying from them. Excellent customer service for sure! Quality equipment and quality site!

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