Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment V2


The Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment is your lat machine solution if you are tight on space. This is not just a bench attachment. It feels and functions just like a lat pulldown you would you use in the gym.  


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You might be hesitating on pulling the trigger on the Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment. You may be thinking that this is just an attachment. There’s no way this cable pulley system could be as good as a dedicated lat pulldown machine.  

Well I can safely say that this is not as good as your average lat pulldown machine. As a matter of fact, it is better. When I say “average” I mean a lat machine that is the same price as this attachment or cheaper.  

At the time of writing this we are selling the Cable Tower for $995. The lat machines under $500 are junk. The ones above are better but dubious. 

Unlike these other options, Ironmaster has an outstanding reputation for building quality home gym equipment. This design has been around for close to 15 years now. During that time it has been improved.  


The Lat Tower Attachment is made in the same factory as the Ironmaster Super Bench Pro. They use the same quality steel tube and manufacturing techniques. The cables and pulleys are the same as what you see on a machine in a commercial gym. These quality materials are just one of the points that make it stand out from the cheap lats pull units in this price range. 

You may also have some apprehension about the square guide rail design. Poor quality machines often use this method on cable machines. When used with a poor design and cheap machines it can make cable exercises feel terrible. 

Ironmaster use this method on their Ironmaster IM2000 smith machine. They have used and refined this system for years. With high quality materials and precision manufacturing you get an incredibly smooth operation. And the performance does not change as the weights increase.  


When you have a small home gym you generally only have space for one large piece of equipment. You can have a power rack or a smith machine. Having a standalone lat machine uses too much space. 

That is what makes the Cable Tower such an excellent design. By using the Super Bench attachment docking point, you can now have a compact cable pulley that takes up far less space. Even better you can move it around on the wheels with ease. Once docked into your bench it is just like any other lat pull machine. 

The cable tower became that popular as a piece of home gym equipment, Ironmaster made the Cable Tower Seat. You could now make your cable tower a dedicated lat machine.  


Given the cost, space and functionality I have no hesitation recommending this cable tower. It is suitable for anyone who does not have space for a stand alone lateral pulldown.  

You will get so many quality upper body exercises. Including lat pulldowns, seated rows, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls, cable crunches etc. This list is massive. Plus you can do leg exercises off the low pulley using an ankle cuff. 

Most importantly though is how it feels. Once you have built it, give it a squirt of silicone spray. The weight carriage just glides up and down. You may even think it is smoother than some you have used in a commercial gym. 

Now I do not expect you take my word for it. Check out the reviews. See it in action – Ironmaster Cable Tower 300lb seated rows – In this video it has 300lbs, 50lbs over the limit.  It is important to note that the Cable Tower Attachment has no mechanical advantage, so 100 kgs is 100 kgs.

This bloke deadlifts over 500lb for 12 reps while cutting weight. That tells you what sort of training the Ironmaster Cable Tower can handle. 

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