Ironmaster IM2000 Self-Spotting Smith Machine


The Ironmaster IM2000 Self-Spotting Smith Machine is the ultimate gym equipment for your home, studio or commercial gym. Compact in size with tons of features.


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Detailed Product Description

Nowhere else will you find a piece of weight training equipment that has as many quality features as the Ironmaster IM2000 with the same compact footprint.

The huge list of exercises you can perform on this unit isn’t the only selling point, it’s also rock solid with silky smooth movement – making it the ultimate piece of gym equipment for any home gym or studio.

25 Years and Counting

The Self-Spotting machine has been built by Ironmaster for over 25 years, the Ironmaster IM2000 represents years of development and refinement. For a piece of gym equipment to last this long in the US market you know that it is both heavy-duty and functional.

The ergonomic lifting bar locks out forwards instead of backwards for a much faster and more natural movement. This makes it easy to activate heavier weights when doing pressing movements like the bench press. The lockout holes are only 1.7 inches apart so you will never get stuck when working out alone. The Ironmaster IM2000 also features secondary safety stops. Heavy-duty springs act as additional back up for the lifting bar.

Genius Design

The Ironmaster IM2000 light weight lifting bar needs no complex counterweight system. This allows a dramatically reduced footprint, greater load capacity and smoother quieter operation. It is constructed from 11 gauge steel and is tested and rated to 1000lbs or 450kg.

Pulley System

The high/low pulley system is one of the smoothest around. It uses the lifting bar as the weight carriage and is rated for 350lbs or 155kg which will accommodate your strength gains. The Low Pulley is on wheels so it easily swings into place. Place your legs under the foam rollers to perform lat pulldowns. Connect the additional cable and perform curls, upright rows, seated rows etc. Here is Mr Universe Lee Priest demonstrating just how smooth and heavy-duty the cable system is on the Ironmaster Smith Machine.

Additional Information

Note: Some exercises include optional attachments that can be purchased separately.

Weight Plates are sold separately.

Base model includes the following standard equipment: Mainframe, lifting bar with Olympic adapters, standard plate holders, lat pull bar, upper and lower pulley/cable system. Ironmaster Super Bench and attachments sold separately or in packages. The IM2000 accepts both standard and Olympic plates.

Gym Cable Attachments

Product Specifications

Weight 127 kg






Carton Size

Carton 1: 185cm x 39cm x 14cm Carton 2: 202cm x 20cm x 18cm Carton 3: 131cm x 34cm x 23cm

Lifting Bar


Smith Capacity

450 kg


215 cm

Load Capacity

450 kg



Lockout Spacing



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