Ironmaster IM2000 Self-Spotting Smith Machine


The Ironmaster IM2000 Self Spotting Machine is the choice for the weight trainer who is tight on space. Who wants to perform a wide variety of exercises with quality equipment. The lifting bar combined with the cable pulleys offer an endless number of exercises.  


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Do not let the Ironmaster IM2000 fool you. It might look plain and basic. Trust me this first impression could not be farther from the truth. This machine can do more quality exercises than nearly any multi gym with a similar footprint.  

Power racks with a lat pulldown attachment are commonplace these days. But very few offer a quality smith machine option. Or weight plate storage. Once you go through all the exercises that this machine can do you will realise it’s true value.   

Then you add in an Ironmaster Super Bench Pro and Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. Your tiny home gym can now do all the exercises you will ever need.  


The Self-Spotting machine has been built by Ironmaster for over 25 years. The Ironmaster IM2000 represents years of development and refinement. For a piece of gym equipment to last this long in the US market you know that it is both heavy-duty and functional. 

The ergonomic lifting bar locks out forwards instead of backwards for a much faster and more natural movement. This makes it easy to activate heavier weights when doing pressing movements like the bench press.  

The lockout holes are only 1.7 inches apart. This prevents getting trapped under the lifting bar when working out alone. The Ironmaster IM2000 also features secondary safety stops. Heavy-duty springs act as additional back up for the lifting bar. 



The Ironmaster IM2000 light weight lifting bar needs no complex counterweight system. This allows a dramatically reduced footprint, greater load capacity and smoother quieter operation. It is constructed from 11 gauge steel and is tested and rated to 1000lbs or 450kg. 

Man doing Incline Bench Press on Ironmaster Smith Machine
Man doing lat pulldowns on an Ironmaster IM2000


The high/low pulley system is one of the smoothest around. The lifting bar serves as the load holder and can support up to 350lbs or 155kg, making it suitable for increasing your strength. The Low Pulley is on wheels so it easily swings into place.  

Place your legs under the foam rollers to perform lat pulldowns. Connect the additional cable and perform curls, upright rows, seated rows etc. Here is Mr Universe Lee Priest demonstrating the cable system on the Ironmaster Smith Machine. You can see how smooth and direct it operates.  


What adds further appeal to the Ironmaster IM2000 platform are the wide range of attachments. You can customise your piece of equipment to best suit your weight training needs. If you want to do more free weight exercises, then add in the j-hooks and spotter arms. Get the Ironmaster Calf Block and you can do standing calf raises.  

Woman doing vertical leg press on Ironmaster Smith Machine


From my experience with training on the Ironmaster IM2000 it can be super easy or complex. When I started the business, I was working seven days. Plus, I would install gyms after hours. I did not have a lot of time to train.  

This was when I fell in love with the Ironmaster IM2000. In the early days I did not have the range of equipment that we do now. At the time I did not sell any equipment with a weight stack. Everything was plate loaded.  

If I wanted to do a quick workout, I would always lean towards the IM2000. Having the weight storage on the back made changing weights a breeze. Plus using the lifting bar meant that I did not have to change j-hooks like I would when using a 7ft Olympic barbell 

My workout was simple. Bang out some sets of bent over rows. Then slide under the bar for some bench pressing. That was upper body done. Then finish off with some squats.  

Now I know the strength training experts would frown on this. Especially doing it on a smith machine. But these 20 minute workouts were better than nothing.  


If you have the time, you can do the most complex workouts you can dream up. Especially if you have the Ironmaster dumbbells and bench. You can hit bodyparts with barbell, dumbbell, cable and bodyweight exercises. The variations are limitless.  

Generally, people who are doing such advanced workouts are experienced lifters. Often, they are using heavier weights. This gym is the real deal. You can use heavy weight and it feels smooth.  

Lee Priest had one in his home gym for many years.  


The main downside with this machine is that there is a bit of set up time for the cable pulleys. No worse than any of the other smith machine and functional trainer combos. It is just more involved than a dedicated lat pulldown machine.  

This is a small sacrifice for adding the cable functionality to such a small footprint. If you are tight on space, you are always going to have to compromise. 

The other is the cost. If you get the dumbbells and bench, the whole system is not cheap. Sadly good quality gym equipment is an investment. You really get what you pay for. 

If you are on a budget you can build out your Ironmaster gym in stages. Start with the IM2000 or dumbbells first. Then make your additions as you get the money. Each new addition will unlock a whole new level of variety. 

By taking this approach, you will get a better appreciation of each piece of equipment. If you just have the IM2000 you will learn more about that machine.  

Product Specifications

Weight 127 kg






Carton Size

Carton 1: 185cm x 39cm x 14cm Carton 2: 202cm x 20cm x 18cm Carton 3: 131cm x 34cm x 23cm

Lifting Bar


Smith Capacity

450 kg


215 cm

Load Capacity

450 kg



Lockout Spacing



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