Cool Home Gyms

Here are some shots of Lee Priest’s home gym just before he moved out of his place. It was set up in a single car townhouse garage. I think you will be surprised at what can be packed in a relatively small space. As you would expect the gym is overpacked with weights and specialty machines. A […]

Here is an old review from Sean that didn’t get transferred over to our new website. Years on, the message is still the same – quality home gym equipment, combined with smart training and nutrition delivers results.  Here is what Sean had to say… Previously I had joined a Gym about three years ago and started […]

Al is no stranger to Powertec gym equipment. He had one of the best home gyms set ups we have seen. Unfortunately Al had to downsize to create some more storage space in his shed. So the Multi System had to go, and a 2013 Powertec LeverGym took its place. This is what Al had to […]

Here is another one of our customer’s set ups – check out Ryan’s Home Gym. Now what I like about this is that it is a bit different from the norm. You can tell that Ryan is a free weight enthusiast! The gym is filled with all the necessary bits to help you achieve your […]

Firstly, I am way behind with updates to our cool home gym section, so if you have got photos that you want to send in, please do. I am going to try and roll through a few gyms in the next couple of weeks.  Colin’s story is great. These days I don’t do a lot […]

Big thanks to Mike for sending in a pic of his truly unique gym. Although it is not the first, it’s still great to see. This is a cool home gym set up in a 40-foot shipping container. With these gyms, length is not the issue, it is how you manage the space width-wise.  The […]

Big thanks to Raymond for sending in a pic of his new Barbarian Power Cage gym.  Raymond shopped around and saw some pretty big name racks, but came back to the mighty Barbarian. You simply can’t beat this rack in terms of price and quality. Hi Mathew, Finally got a chance to clear out my garage. […]

Big thanks to Kyle for sending in a pic of his Barbarian Smith Machine Gym. This is a great all round gym that offers more than meets the eye… The Barbarian Smith Machine Gym System is an old school Smith & Half Rack combo. As a smith machine is quite simply a beast. It’s stability […]

Big thanks to Hendo for sending in a pic of his home gym. Now Hendo’s Powertec Multi-System is old! But as we say, Powertec gyms don’t grow old, their owners just wear out! As you can see, Hendo’s is still in excellent condition along with his white stand Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells. These are very old […]

Big thanks to Mick for sending in a pic of his Megatec Multiplex Home Gym set-up with a nice twist… This one will get the Power Rack brigade’s noses out of joint as it is a classic bodybuilding style set-up. There isn’t a better gym around for getting your pump on than the Megatec Multiplex […]

This is a great story, and one I have been meaning to post for ages. Tony came into my shop as a young bloke years ago. I am talking probably over 10 years! The Powertec gym equipment must have made quite an impression because when the opportunity presented itself, Tony set himself his dream home […]

Yellow Powertec Power Rack with bench and barbells

What a top boss Rob is, throwing in a Power Rack System Gym Package for the guys at work. What a great way to keep warehouse staff, in particular, in shape. But as a bit of a desk jockey these days myself, it is probably even more important for us to get our daily dose of […]

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