Ryan’s Free Weight Home Gym

Here is another one of our customer’s set ups – check out Ryan’s Home Gym. Now what I like about this is that it is a bit different from the norm. You can tell that Ryan is a free weight enthusiast!

The gym is filled with all the necessary bits to help you achieve your goal. From a Power Rack with multi grip chin up and dip bars to an adjustable bench press and 10 pairs for dumbbells ranging from 10 kg – 40 kgs.

Probably the most notable feature of this home gym is the arrangement, Ryan can train every single muscle group with ample space around him. He even managed to fit in his motorcycle and a box of tools!

You may be wondering why Ryan went for a bench press and a Power Cage combo as opposed to saving a few dollars and getting himself a proper FID bench?

Well first of all Ryan does have the opportunity to perform his favourite pressing exercises as the bench can be adjusted to Flat, Incline and Decline positions.

Secondly this type of set up, allows Ryan to quickly jump between the machines without having to waste an ounce of energy on setting everything up.

Lastly, you can perform all your dumbbell exercises on any Powertec Machine with an integrated Adjustable Bench as it offers ample space to perform them comfortably.

The separate bench press and power rack combination is definitely the way to go if you like the classic old school gym feel like I do.

There are no complicated machines, no need to pull and twist a hundred levers to adjust it, just the plain and simple training environment.

Don’t get me wrong I also do enjoy the occasional leg extension and lat pulldown in my workouts. If you do too, you always have the option to expand your gym.

For example Ryan,, can always add a bunch of optional accessories such as the Lat Tower Option, Leg Extension/Leg Curl, and even pec fly and triceps dip attachments to his Powertec Bench Press.

This gives him an opportunity to further expand his gym without having to worry about the increased overall footprint.