Powertec Power Rack Gym at Work

What a top boss Rob is, throwing in a Power Rack System Gym Package for the guys at work. What a great way to keep warehouse staff, in particular, in shape. But as a bit of a desk jockey these days myself, it is probably even more important for us to get our daily dose of iron and steel!

I reckon the yellow looks great in the warehouse—keeps with the OH & S theme that is very essential in this day and age.

More importantly, keep your staff fit and healthy by doing regular weight training as this will lead to a more productive and efficient workforce. I can speak from personal experience that weight training has been a huge benefit for myself and my staff.

We have to unload containers that are packed floor to ceiling with gym equipment. It all has to be pulled out by hand—no forklifts or pallet jacks. In a period of a couple of hours, you might move close to 10 tonnes. Although the lifts are between 20-60kgs, the repetition takes a toll on the body.

Touch wood, I have never had a major injury. As a matter of fact, I have grown to love the work and am only too happy to get out from behind the desk to rip in. It is a great workout. But I would hate to tackle it if I hadn’t trained. You might get through the container, but the next day, you would be sore and wouldn’t be able to move. 

When I think about it, sitting at a desk all day is probably harder on my body. My neck and shoulders tighten up from typing all day. The old hammys need stretching from sitting. So by the end of the day I am ready to hit the weights or do some cardio. 

So if you would like to see your workers keep in shape, all our gym equipment is safe to use. When it comes to our power racks and cages, they all have spotter bars so you can train safely. If you’re in any doubt, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to give you a few tips that ensure you and your staff can train safely. 

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