Lee Priest’s Single Car Garage Gym

Here are some shots of Lee Priest’s home gym just before he moved out of his place. It was set up in a single car townhouse garage. I think you will be surprised at what can be packed in a relatively small space.

As you would expect the gym is overpacked with weights and specialty machines. A lot of people do get surprised when they see Lee’s home gym. Most of the items are supplied by us, and Lee has been using them for years.

The surprise part is that an Elite level Bodybuilder is using Powertec Gym Equipment and not splashing tens of thousands of dollars on brands like Hammer Strength or Nautilus – something you would see Lee using in the photoshoots.

But if you have listened to Lee you would know his training principles – stimulate don’t annihilate. That is why the Mr Universe winner does not need a power cage which can handle 2000 kgs, because even Lee Priest himself will never lift more than 200 kgs.

The pictures doesn’t really do it justice. Lee had the following gym equipment:

  1. Powertec Power Rack System.
  2. Powertec Shape System.
  3. Powertec Compact Leg Sled.
  4. Powertec Hyperextension.
  5. Kegel Weights.
  6. Ironmaster Super Bench.
  7. 10 pair 5 to 50kg (5kg increment) fixed dumbbell set.
  8. Pecker Pump.
  9. Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells with Add on Kit & Custom Add On Kit.
  10. 1-10kg Rubber Hex dumbbell set