Tonys Long Awaited Powertec Power Rack Gym

This is a great story, and one I have been meaning to post for ages. Tony came into my shop as a young bloke years ago. I am talking probably over 10 years! The Powertec gym equipment must have made quite an impression because when the opportunity presented itself, Tony set himself his dream home gym – after a very long wait!

powertec power rack gym

This is what Tony had to say about his new gym…..

Hi Sam

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. Here’s a pic of my setup in he garage.

Let it be known in your description that I’ve been eyeing your equipment since when you were in St Peters. I couldn’t purchase anything at the time as I was a kid in uni and just didn’t have the space.

Now I’ve got my own home and dad bod going on, this bit of kit with 5×5 workouts is gonna get in my shape in no time!

Thanks for bringing this over from the US and your continuing passion and great service.


Now I know that Tony will truly appreciate his new gym. Besides from being a champion fella, Tony has worked at hard in his business and now has the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labour. As a fellow Sydney-sider I know just how hard it is to get ahead in this place. Especially in Tony’s case when you are raising a family. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice so I know that Tony’s home gym dream might have got him through some tough times.

Apart from the fact that Tony had already seen the quality years ago, it was an easy sell when Tony rocked in 10 years later. When he told me what he was after I could guarantee it was a good choice because it is actually what I use every workout! My trusty Powertec Power Rack System is nearly 10 years old and still going strong.

Just like what Tony is doing, I am following a similar path with training too. I had a crack at the 5 x 5 Stronglift program and my old dad bod couldn’t quite handle the volume so I scaled it back to 3 x 5. Now I am on the old Wendler 5 3 1 program. They all are pretty much the same but a little different in rep/progression structure. The programs are based around compound barbell movements – bench press, squats, deadlifts as well as chin ups, dips. So a basic power rack set up like Tony’s is just perfect. The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells just add that bit of extra variety.

What I like about the Wendler program is that he encourages some cardio work, which Tony has got covered with both a treadmill and spin bike. This not only helps keep the old weight down, but also gives you some variety and training flexibility. When I mean flexibility, I am talking about just jumping on the treadmill for quick 10 minute (or less) high intensity workout. Perfect for busy working men and women who have children.

If you don’t have the space for a treadmill or spin bike, which I don’t, don’t discount the trusty skipping rope as a cardio option. Been one of my favourites for years. So a gym like Tony’s without the expensive cardio equipment can be quite affordable. So if you are busy with work and the family and struggling to make it to the gym, check out some of the programs mentioned above because they require only basic gym equipment but are highly effective in terms of results.