Raymonds Barbarian Power Cage

Big thanks to Raymond for sending in a pic of his new Barbarian Power Cage gym.  Raymond shopped around and saw some pretty big name racks, but came back to the mighty Barbarian. You simply can’t beat this rack in terms of price and quality.

Hi Mathew,

Finally got a chance to clear out my garage. So here are some photos of my gym that you can post on your website. I am very happy with it for now. Still need a few things here and there but I will definitely get in contact with you guys when I do. 

Thanks, Raymond

There are no racks in this price bracket that come close to the stability of this rack. This is achieved by years of refinement by German engineers. Added with the fact that it comes standard with many QUALITY inclusions:

If you ever get bored with barbell training, you can always slap the lat pulldown option on the back. For home, this rack is complete overkill but at this price many guys and gals are spoiling themselves. You will get a lifetime of use, so it works out at great value.