Kyles Barbarian Smith Machine Gym

Big thanks to Kyle for sending in a pic of his Barbarian Smith Machine Gym. This is a great all round gym that offers more than meets the eye…

barbarian smith machine gym

The Barbarian Smith Machine Gym System is an old school Smith & Half Rack combo. As a smith machine is quite simply a beast. It’s stability even without the lat option is way ahead of any competition in the price range. You can see from Lee Priest squatting 3 plates aside that this thing is as solid as a high end smith.

The free weight training capabilities are excellent thanks to the half rack which has spotter arms that can be adjusted every 50mm.

Combined with the Ironmaster Dumbbells and the lat option, Kyle has a smorgasbord of free weight training exercises he can dine on.

A nice custom mod that Kyle has made to his gym was the inclusion of the Barbarian Dip Handles Model# BB-DBR-SG which we will have up on our site shortly. We got these in especially for Kyle. He did have to slightly modify his smith machine to accommodate the dip handles. Kyle open up a pair of holes on the half rack to fit the larger spindles at the dip height that suited him best. You can see from the position that it would be highly unlikely you would be using the spotter arms at this height, so they won’t be affected. It was a bit of work but the end result was well worth the effort.

So with the half rack’s multi grip chin up, Kyle’s gym has some quality bodyweight training options.

All up, Kyle’s gym looks pretty basic, but in reality it has everything the free weight training enthusiast needs. Thanks Kyle!