ATX® 45 Degree Leg Press


A Classic 45 Degree Leg Press with all the ingenious design elements you expect from ATX. Subtle looking, but built to take 500kgs.


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A 45 Degree Leg Press is one of those weight training pieces which is universally loved by everyone. Regardless of what sort of training you are into. Compared to squats, it takes the pressure off your upper body. Plus it gives you a safer platform to train your legs on as you don’t really have to worry about your stabilizer muscles.

The 45 Degree Leg Press also gives you the freedom to train the smaller/underdeveloped muscle groups by varying your foot position or the tempo of execution. On this machine, you can also train calves.


  1. Designed and Engineered in Germany.
  2. 500 kgs safe working load.
  3. Extra long weight horns – 435 mm will help you set that Leg Press PR!
  4. Compact footprint – 105 cm x 210 cm.
  5. Certified for Domestic/Studio use by European Standards.
  6. Thick steel for thick thighs – the whole unit weighs approx. 200 kgs.

Leg Press Carriage

Real Estate – One of the more notable features of the ATX-BPR-650 45 degree leg press is the widened footplate. Its width has been extended to 70 cm. This not only makes it suitable for larger users but also giving you additional room to perform more variations.

We all grab the top of the footplate whenever we are getting in or out of the machine. To make it more comfortable ATX® have added a grip at the top of the footplate. It may not be the most ground breaking feature, but it does demonstrate the level of detail in this design.

The surface of the footplate has been powder coated, which is quite grippy by itself. To add another layer of grip, ATX® has used checker plate steel. .

German engineers did not forget about calf training. The end of the footplate has been both extended and bent to allow you to perform toe presses.

Roller System

Instead of using the traditional hard chromed tube and roller design, ATX® went with double ball-bearing wheels. Which are running in the sides of the machine.

The movement is just as smooth as tube guiderail design, but you are getting a much cleaner look.

Besides the encased rollers you can also see the precision engineering. First the pieces are cut using laser-cutting machines and then welded together using robot-welders. The end results are perfect welds and pieces which fit perfectly together.

The Mattress-sized Backrest Pad

  1. Oversized – the XL design allows you to sink into the pad when you are setting that leg press PR!
  2. Curved – ergonomically shaped to adapt to your body.
  3. Adjustable – not happy with the angle? Just use the handle underneath the backrest pad to change it.
  4. Reinforced – the only way ATX® were able to use such a large backrest pad are the reinforcement brackets. They prevent the pad from flexing/breaking as well as giving you a far more stable base to train on.

More features!

  1. Gas-Spring powered handle – a truly ingenious solution for a locking/unlocking mechanism from ATX®.
  2. Adjustable safety stopper – comes in handy when you are training until failure or rehabbing an injury and want to limit the range of motion.
  3. Resistance Band Training – not everyone is a fan of the leg press strength curve, the built in resistance band pegs will allow you to change that.
  4. Built in and angled handles – for maximum longevity the handles have been welded into the frame of the leg press.
  5. Rubber Stoppers at the top and the bottom of the unit – eliminates the metal to metal contact in case your leg press session gets a tad too explosive.
  6. Rubber Feet – the anti-slip rubber feet protects both the leg press and your floor from scratches.

Note – the newly designed start/stop mechanism makes starting and finishing your set a breeze. The one drawback is that people shorter than 5ft 2 or 160cm may have difficulty activating weight carriage.

What’s Included? ATX® 45 Degree Leg Press (ATX-BPR-650)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 185 kg


Weight Load Capacity







EN 20957 I.II.IV – H


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