ATX® Compact Leg Press ATX-CLP-700

The new and wildly improved ATX® Compact Leg Press offers improved stability, wider footplate, higher weight load capacity, even smoother movement while retaining the same compact footprint!

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optimal adjustment positions

Optimal Adjustment Positions

Split Backrest Pad

Ergonomically Shaped Padding to relieve Stress on the Spine

Locking Mechanism

Easy to use Locking Lever

Anti slip rubber feet

Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

Wide footplate

XL Footplate with Antislip Surface | Open Bottom for Calf Training

footplate adjustment positions

5 Footplate Angle Positions

High Quality Finish

Precision Engineering

Resistance Band Provision

Built in Resistance Band Roller

solid steel guiderails

40 mm Thick SOLID STEEL Polished Guiderails with HARD Chrome Coating

Weight Load Capacity

500 kgs SAFE Working Load

Olympic Adaptors

Included Olympic Adaptors

ironclad design

Exceptionally Stable Construction


Certified for Commercial use by EU Standards

ATX® Compact Leg Press ATX-CLP-700

The ATX® Compact Leg Press has been one of the most popular leg training stations ever produced by ATX®. Not only because it is more compact. The leg press exercise itself is hard to beat.

This is the THIRD revision of the ATX® Compact Leg Sled. This time German Engineers split the backrest pad in half, to take the pressure off your lumbar vertebra.

They have also added a big red knob to the locking handle, eliminating unnecessary confusion when trying to start the exercise.

The movement itself is far more natural. Being very similar to your regular squats, your body is upright. As opposed to being upside down on a 45 degree leg press.

The combined positioning/angle of both the seat and footplate enables you to isolate the quads. The Compact Leg Press also enables you to go deeper – your quads don’t hit your mid section.

Weight plates are sold separately.

Donkey Calf Raise

ATX® engineers have completely redesigned the footplate, it is significantly sturdier thanks to the extended footprint and added steel, but the main upgrade was the calf raise. Germans have ditched the calf block, so you will no longer have to try and find a place to store it and also you will be able to get the full stretch of your calf muscle thanks to the folding footplate.

Compact Footprint

With the length of the machine being 181 cm and the width being capped at 120 cm, you will not have much trouble squeezing the ATX® Compact Leg Press Combo into your studio or commercial gym.

We would recommend allowing a few extra centimeters either side for smoother weight plate loading.

Designed & Certified for Commercial Use

Europe has far stricter standards when it comes to the safety of weight trainers. Which means that ATX® have to go above and beyond to ensure that the equipment is manufactured and engineered to the highest standards.

It is worth mentioning that the weight load capacity listed in the product attributes is a safe working load and not the breaking point – a standard which many retailers use to fluff up their numbers.

Encased Rollers

Both the rollers and the roller housing underwent an overhaul in the new ATX® Compact Hack Squat Combo. The rollers themselves are manufactured out of special Plastic and are CNC turned to perfection, they also feature durable double ball bearings for a smoother movement.

The rollers are now hidden from the public eye, is this to both prevent the amount of dust getting inside as well as people’s fingers.

Proper Depth or ATG

Thanks to the guiderails which extend all the way down to the footplate, you will be able to train the whole range of motion, regardless of how long your legs are.

This is extremely beneficial for users with shorter legs as most of the leg press machines available on the market do not allow them to train Ass to Grass.

Anti-Slip Corrugated Surface

There is no need to worry about anything slipping out when training on the ATX-CLP-700. The footplate features a special corrugated anti-slip surface. Which allows you to have a far better grip and stability while training.

Wide Footplate

The ATX® Compact Leg Press ATX-CLP-700 features a 745mm wide footplate. This not only allows you to train athletes of all shapes and sizes but also gives the user plenty of room to perform different variations of the leg press. The footplate now also comes with a handle, which lets you to easily adjust the angle of it.

Weight Sled

Just like anything in this machine, the weight sled has also been overengineered. It weighs a whooping 36 kgs and gives the user rolling resistance of approximately 18 kgs.

One-Hand Locking System

The one-hand locking system could be compared to your hand brake. If you want to start the exercise, just push off the sled a little to take the slack out and lift the handle up, and if you feel like you are failing or you are done with the set, just push it down.

Weight Horns

Increasing the weight load capacity to 500 kgs, certainly comes with a few challenges. One of them being weight horns. The German Engineers used 30 mm thick solid steel weight horns which have a loading area of 250 mm. We will include Olympic Adapter Sleeves so you could use your Olympic Weight Plates.

What’s Included? ATX® Compact Leg Press (ATX-CLP-700)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 151 kg


Weight Load Capacity

500kg, Carriage – 36kg






EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


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