WB-AB Powertec Workbench Ab Plus

The Powertec Workbench Ab Plus was a quirky machine. I only ever got a handful. It is a real walk down memory lane in terms of training styles. This was a time when people thought the only way they could train abs was with a machine. Nowadays there are so many other simpler ways.

In 2024, someone who is an ab training aficionado would cringe at the Workbench Ab Plus. There are so many cheaper and easy ways to do sit ups. A set of hanging ab straps are cheaper, more effective and take up less space. But this was the late 90s and 2000s and all sorts of ab contraptions were sold on television.

Powertec Workbench Ab Plus – The Hype

Below is the official marketing blurb from Powertec.

The Ab Plus Bench is the only abdominal bench of its kind to provide a total ab workout. Train the upper and mid abs in the crunch position. Insert the handle bar accessory and work the lower abs and hip flexors. The bench adjusts into three positions to vary the level of resistance.

As a bonus the entire leg lock down section can be removed so you can use the bench for dumbbell work. As in all Powertec products only the highest level of quality materials and workmanship are built in for years of use.

The Reality

It is easy to look back with hindsight and have a giggle. However at the time these were surprisingly popular. Many people honestly believed that this was the path to rock hard abs.

Having dual function did make it even more appealing. I guess being able to use it as a bench may have added to the appeal.

Fortunately serious weight training has moved on from these contraptions. Just like I tell people now, and I did back then – save your money and do sit ups. Or hanging leg raises.

Model # P-AB+
L=122cm W=61cm HT=56cm WT = 30kgs
Weight capacity – 270kgs (including body weight)