Powertec WB-VG Workbench Vertical Gym

The Powertec Vertical Gym was a real quirky gym. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it was popular with some. When you look at the footprint, it was not far off the Powertec Leverage Gym. The extra space and money was well worth stepping up to the bigger gym.

This recommendation was based on the customer using the Powertec Vertical Gym as the center piece for their home gym. The Leverage Gym had a leverage bench press as opposed to the Vertical Gym’s pec fly. This was far better for chest. But the real advantage of this area was all the leverage back exercises you could perform.

Plus the lat pulldown on the Vertical Gym was not as good as the Leverage Gym.

Accessory Work

If a customer already had a main machine in their gym – power rack, smith machine or multi gym – a Vertical Gym could be recommended. I was a huge fan of the Powertec Leverage Pec Fly Rear Delt Machine. It was a great exercise to break up pressing movements for chest.

If you had a power rack but no lat pullldown machine then a Vertical Gym would be a real handy addition to your gym. You could now do high and low pulley exercises. Plus you also could do leg extensions and standing leg curls.

Powertec Vertical Gym Official Blurb

“An affordable compact Workbench home gym designed to train the entire body”

The Powertec Vertical Gym is a new addition to our highly successful “Workbench Series”. It is an upright frame structure design which makes it the most space saving multi gym in the line. It is the only gym of it’s kind to incorporate the machine fl y exercise that really works the pecs and deltoids in a controlled and precise motion. There is a built in high low pulley system that is smooth and quiet and provides dozens of traditional exercises from lat pulldowns and tricep presses to curls, low rows and many more.

The leg lift allows for both leg extension and standing leg curls to be performed. The Vertical gym also has a mid range pulley to work your abdominals with a great crunch exercise.

All Workbenches come in optional frame colors. This gym is a real value for the price and a great way to strengthen and shape your entire body.


Sometimes in an attempt to pack in exercises on a multi gym, they get compromised. Whilst not as bad as those cheap cable gyms with pec flys, you would not say all the exercises on this gym were perfect. The design showed a lot of skill and creativity. It was a marketing dream.

But ultimately investing in a Leverage Gym was always going to be better for the consumer in the long run.