L-SP Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press

The Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press was a great little machine. The fact that it was little was one of the reasons that made it great! In just over one square meter you could load it up and hit the shoulders hard. This machine could handle as much weight as you could fit on it. Or lift.

Best Value Shoulder Press

The biomechanics of this machine also made it great. This was one exercise that really suited the leverage arc. By angling the seat back, you got consistent resistance. Plus the arc of the movement mimicked the exercise if it were performed with dumbbells.

If you were tall it was important that you lowered the seat. Otherwise you would be losing resistance at the top of the range.

A shoulder press that felt this good and could handle as much weight was very expensive back then. This is where the leverage format provided such good value. Perfect for smaller gyms that could not afford the higher end machines.

Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press Powertec Specs

The new generation of Shoulder press machines are now set at a comfortable angle. You can really contour your body into the movement. The angle not only makes the exercise feel great, it also eliminates undue stress on the deltoids often experienced with traditional upright machines. The arc of the motion is still the same pattern only set back with the angle of the back pad. The L-SP is also compact in footprint and low to the ground. All Powertec Leverage machines incorporate pillow block bearings for the ultimate in quality and smoothness.

Model # L-SP
L=117cm W=112cm HT=107cm WT=64kgs
Weight Capacity = 227kgs

Sadly The End

The Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press was taken out of the line not long after I began my relationship with Powertec. It was consolidated along with the Leverage Chest Press and the Powertec Leverage Multi Press was born. Personally I was sad to see it go.

Having a combined leverage chest and shoulder press was a great concept. Perfect for home users and personal trainers with space constraints. However I still feel there was a place for the stand alone versions. It would be great to see this compact, affordable and sturdy machines return.