Powertec WB-MP Workbench Multi Bench Press Machine

The Powertec Workbench Multi Press combines a leverage chest press and shoulder press into one machine. Pressing movements are the best way to add size and strength to the chest and shoulders. The Powertec Workbench Multi Press allows you to work to failure in complete safety.

Nearly all weight trainers have had a moment when bench pressing with heavyweights and no spotter. The end result is either you do not push yourself to the limit or you risk your life.

The Powertec Workbench Multi Press allows you to increase your intensity in complete safety and with perfect form. The arc motion of the lever arm replicates the movement of a dumbbell or barbell press. The lever arm also provides greater control allowing you to better isolate the chest and shoulders.

The Ultimate Push/Pull Machine?

The Powertec Multi Press can be adjusted for decline bench press, flat bench press and incline bench press. By taking a closer grip on the press arm you can work the inner chest, a wider grip will work the outer pec. With iso-lateral arms, you can now work your chest with even more variety.

The shoulders can be worked in the traditional seated shoulder press position. You can also work the traps by performing heavy shrugs with the press arm.

You can also purchase optional extras for the Powertec Multi Press which makes it even more versatile. This machine accepts the Powertec Leg Lift Attachment so you can perform leg extensions and leg curls. It also accepts the Powertec Curl Machine Accessory allowing you to perform preacher curls.

The Multi Press is also great for doing rows. You can do them like barbell and bent over rows.

You can put the bench up into an incline position and do some supported rows. Or hammer out some with one arm. The Powertec Press is the ultimate push & pull machine!!

The Powertec Leverage Multi Press only takes Olympic weight plates. Olympic weight plates are sold separately. Standard weight horns can be purchased separately if you already have standard or 30mm diameter hole plates.