Powertec Leverage Chest Press L-CP

The Powertec Leverage Chest Press was a great little machine. It was very basic, but yet delivered a timeless chest exercise. In true Powertec style it featured some extra functionality. The simple angle adjustment allowed you to do incline and decline leverage bench press.

Sadly this machine was discontinued not long after I started distributing Powertec in Australia. Don’t get me wrong I was very impressed with it’s replacement, the Powertec Multi Press. Combining the chest and shoulder press into one machine was great. This worked for most domestic customers and personal trainers.

Affordable Standalone Machines

However I do feel there is a market for these machines today. Not every gym is a huge. I love seeing the growth of smaller gyms. Or PT’s growing and opening their studios for individual training. There is nothing better than seeing a close nit gym community.

Small gym owners would appreciate a compact, durable and affordable leverage chest press. After training for many years on these machines, it would not bother me if it was a solid arm. As opposed to the iso lateral bench press machines like the ATX-LMP-650. Having a simpler design would make it more affordable and robust.

Even for a home user, this leverage chest press may be popular. If it is cheaper than the combined chest and shoulder press people may opt to save some money. I am pretty sure that you could do a shoulder press of some form. My guess is that if you had the bench in decline position. With the lever arm in the highest position. You could get under and do a shoulder press facing toward the machine.

Official Powertec Leverage Chest Press Spiel

The “New” Leverage Power Bench Press is finally the answer to perfecting one of the best exercises of all time. Nothing beats the old fashioned barbell bench press for packing on muscles to the chest, deltoids and triceps. The problem for years is how to really work to the maximum, push out that last one or two reps without assistance of a spotter to help.

The barbell bench press can be outright dangerous if you lose control or get the bar stuck on your chest. The Leverage Power Bench Press totally eliminates any danger. You simply lay down in between the “U” shape lever arm and press. You can push to your maximum with complete safety and control. The feel is precise and natural throughout the full range of motion. As a bonus you can use the lever arm for shrugs and rows. The bench provides decline, flat and incline positions. The bearing driven lever arm also has adjustments for pre stretch.

Model# L-CP
L=148cm W=112cm HT=77cm WT=65kgs
Weight load capacity=450kgs

Hopefully the small gym market will grow. It would be great to offer these niche type machines again if there were enough demand. Compared to weight stack style bench presses, these leverage machines are so much better value in my opinion. Plus they are a lot cheaper to maintain.