L-QF Powertec Leverage QuikFit System

It was machines like the Powertec Leverage QuikFit System that made me really proud to be a Powertec dealer. You have to remember. It was before 2010 and the options for affordable gym equipment was really limited. There was simply nothing on the market even remotely comparable to this system.

Having had one set up in the showroom for a fair while I became quite familiar with the Powertec QuikFit System. We sold both the Powertec Leverage Squat and Powertec Leverage Chin/Dip Assist. Having both of these stations in one unit was handy for display. But it was also really good for training too.

Leverage Quikfit System Too Innovative?

The Powertec Leverage Quikfit System was different. Very different. At the time in Australia, not many lifters were familiar with leverage squat machines. Let alone a leverage assist chin and dip machine. Seeing both in one handy unit was probably lost on most people.

For a small size gym or personal training studio both these machines were excellent. All three exercises in traditional format are difficult for inexperienced trainers to perform. The leverage format made them all easily accessible.

Given the quality of the exercises, the machine was also great value. At the time assisted chin up machines mostly all had weight stacks. They cost a bomb. Plus took up a lot of space.

I just think the concept was not well understood. You have to remember that this was pre-Youtube and Facebook. Educating consumers was done by basic websites, catalogs and fitness expos. If a personal trainer had an appreciation of the true functionality of this machine I think they could have seen the value.

Powertec Leverage Quikfit System Review

The downside to this system was the Leverage Maxi Crunch station. I should declare from the outset I am not a big fan of ab machines. There are so many ways that you can train your core without gym equipment. Most often these methods are more effective.

I have just praised the design of this machine for personal trainers. Now I am certain that not a lot of trainers would see the value in a weighted ab crunch on this gym. In my opinion a bench would have been better. Especially if you could dock attachments.

Aside from this design choice, the Powertec Leverage Quikfit System was a very impressive design. The squat/calf and leverage chin/dip assist were innovative ways to perform traditional exercises. If a similar machine was released today it would be more popular. There is a greater value placed on these exercises. Even for beginners.

Powertec Original Promotion

“A revolutionary new gym system that trains the entire body with 4 great exercises. Simple, quick and effective”!

Chin/Dip Assist

The Quikfit system was developed as a follow up to the existing chin/dip assist machine that Powertec has sold very successfully for many years. It has also been a very popular piece of equipment used in gyms and health clubs. The primary reason for the popularity has to do with the assist system that allows any user to perform these two great exercises in perfect form for multiple repetitions, when normally the free standing chin up or bar dip has been difficult for most to perform multiple repetitions in good form using their own bodyweight.

The chin up and dip are the two best exercises to train all of the muscles of the upper body. Now in an assisted form, everyone can benefit from these two highly effective exercises.

Having sold this unit so successfully it suddenly dawned on us that there was quite a majority of people, young and old, male and female, that did not want a bodybuilder physique. They did not want to spend hours doing many different exercises. They just wanted something simple and fast. Something that would provide a strong, in-shape look. This trainer that has purchased the chin/dip assist unit, has certainly yielded results from these two exercises. That is great, however why stop there. Why only train the upper body.

Leverage Squat

Powertec has also sold thousands of Squat machines because the movement is also precise and highly effective. It in itself works the entire lower body including the glutes. In addition the Ab crunch machine has also been highly successful in developing the mid section.

Based on this and being a strong advocate in brief yet effective exercise and conditioning we set out to combine more then just a machine, but a training system that works the entire body with well established, compound exercises to hit every muscle group.

So now you can strengthen and develop your entire body in 4 easy movements in a matter of minutes a few times per week. WOW! That’s right that is all you need. Can you spare 30 minutes a week for a great body? That’s all you need. We guarantee you will love this machine and this new method of developing a better body quickly with the 4 best known exercises and a quality training approach.

Quikfit is a also the perfect combination with a cardio program to provide both strength development with aerobic conditioning.

Model # QF-CDA
L = 48″
W = 96″
Ht = 82″
Wt = 430 Lbs