Powertec L-CDA Assisted Dip and Chin Up

Chin Ups and Dips are two of the best exercises of all time to train the upper body. Chin-ups work the back and biceps while dips work the chest, shoulders and triceps. Both of these exercises are so productive but unfortunately most people can’t perform more than a few reps with poor form using their own body weight.

Years ago there were a few companies that developed an assist system using a weight stack for the commercial gym equipment market that basically worked in reverse. The more resistance you add the easier the exercise. Great machines but the cost was in the thousands for this sort of gym equipment.

Assisted Chin Ups

Now Powertec has developed the first assist system in leverage form at an affordable price for everyone. The concept is simple. Load weight onto the lever arm and that is the exact amount you will deduct from your body weight so you can perform chin-ups and dips using the full range of motion with correct form.

You can also lock the assist pad out so you can perform chin ups and dips without assistance.

This machine is ideal for someone who wants the benefits of weight training without spending hours on long and complicated workouts. Work your entire upper body with just 2 exercises!

Variety of Exercises

The Powertec Chin/Dip Assist is also a great alternative to a lat machine. Performing a chin up in a slow and controlled manner is the ultimate exercise for the lats. The ability to use different grips on this machine means that you target specific areas of the back.

You can also perform assisted hanging crunches on the Powertec Chin Dip Assist. This is a great alternative to hanging leg raises that can get very sloppy because you do not have the strength to perform these with correct form.

Powertec have also added handles onto the assist pad that allow you to perform assisted bodyweight squats. This is great for doing rehab work. Alternatively you can perform them with one leg which allows you to work in a higher rep range than just doing them with your bodyweight.

This machine takes Olympic weight plates only. Olympic weight plates are sold separately. Standard weight horns can be purchased separately if you already have standard or 30mm diameter hole plates.