ATX® Floor Glute Bench


The ATX Floor Glute Bench has been designed specifically for Nordic Curls. It is compact, has wheels and can be stored standing making it perfect for any gym. This quality Nordic Curl Bench is the easiest way to add this taxing exercise to your program.


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Are you tired of setting up your DIY Nordic Curl Bench? This exercise is tough and can be easily skipped. The ATX Floor Glute Bench will leave you with no excuse to skip this epic glute/hamstring exercise.

Features of the ATX® Floor Glute Developer



Compact Footprint – Length – 1254 mm, Width – 550 cmm, Height – 540.5 mm.

Safe Weight Load Capacity – 250 kgs.

Compact Floor GHD

Extra Large Pad for optimal comfort during both Nordic Curls and Crunches.

Oversized padding of the ATX GHD FLR

Adjustable Pads – for more secure positioning.

Adjusting the foot lock for Floor nordic curl bench

A set of wheels is included with this machine to make the transportation a breeze.

Can be stored upright to save even more space.

Vertical storage of ATX Glute Ham Floor

Anti-Slip footplate – locks you into place helping you to focus on the exercise.

Anti-Slip rubber feet won’t damage your floor.

Bodyweight nordic curls on ATX Nordic Curl Bench

Decrease Resistance – Grab a resistance band and attach it to the resistance band holder at the back of the machine.

Increase Resistance – you can attach a resistance band to the front tube of the machine.

Attaching resistance bands to floor ghd

If you have not tried Nordic Curls before you may struggle. Especially if you try to perform this exercise without any assistance. There are a couple of ways you could make this exercise easier. One of them being the use of paracords and resistance bands which can be attached to the rear of the Floor Glute Developer.

ATX floor glute ham developer with resistance bands
Nordic Curls on ATX GHD FLR

The second one being performed without any additional attachments. Slowly lower yourself until you feel like you are falling – that is you can’t support your weight. Stop the movement with your arms.

The main difference between your GHD machine and the Floor Glute Bench is that your body pivots off your knees as opposed to your hips. This puts significantly more stress on your hamstrings and glutes.


The ATX Floor Glute Developer or Nordic Curl Bench would be have to be one of the best hamstring & glute devices, given the cost and space. Nordic Curls have exploded in popularity in recent years. Like a lot of people, I got on the train with the Kneesovertoes guy.  

When I first tried them it felt like my hamstrings were going to rip off the bone. If you have been training for years and not tried them do not get put off. They are well worth the effort. 

The problem was always how you would do them. There are many DIY set ups. They all do the job if you are on a budget. But if you are a personal trainer or have a gym, the ATX Floor Glute will make doing this great exercise a hell of a lot easier.  


I won’t go in depth on the build as it is pretty basic. It is just a solild frame on rubber feet.  

The pad will make doing this uncomfortable exercise as comfortable as it can be. You slide your feet under the covered rollers. They can be adjusted with the commercial pull pin. For gyms, the rollers have a locking screw so members can’t rip the whole assembly out.  

At the back there is footplate for bracing. The T-shaped bracket above is used to anchor a resistance band. This is one way you can ease yourself into Nordic Curls. 

Finally there are wheels at the base of the plate. Plus a rubber stopper at the back of the T-bracket. So when you finish your last set you can use your Nordic Curl Bench as a walking frame. With rubber on all the contact points it won’t wreck your floors.  

built in wheel kit for the ATX Floor Glute Developer


ATX-BSM-760 Belt Squat Machine

I would love to hear from you guys about Nordic Curls – let me know in the comments what you think. How I rate exercises personally is by how often I do them. And now I have got an easy way to do them, I do Nordic Curls a lot.  

Now I have got access to some of the best leg machines. But I choose Nordics because they are very taxing, great for injury prevention and I guarantee you will feel like you have stronger legs and posterior chain.  

Whether it be a home gym or commercial gym, when you talk leg machines there are always the favorites. The 45 degree leg press machine, hack squat, leg extension and leg curl machine etc. Even in those examples off the top of my head, it is nearly always quad dominant.  

Nowadays hamstring and glute strength is recognized as being equally important. But it is still hard to shake the thinking that you need a leg press or similar quad dominant machine. For people thinking about home gyms, it can put you off. A quality leg press takes up a lot of space and is expensive.  


The beauty of all this new knowledge around training means that you can build a great little compact and affordable home gym. For upper body, you can hit everything with multiple exercises with a set of Ironmaster dumbbells and bench.  

Now for legs, if you went with something like the Ironmaster Super Bench, you can easily add a leg lift attachment. Now you have got hamstring curls and leg extensions.  

Compact Adjustable Dumbbells
Compact Open Trap Bar

By adding the ATX Floor Glute Bench, you have arguably one of the best hamstring exercises. It is the equivalent of adding a high end leg press for quads.  

My recommendation would be to add the ATX Compact Hex Trap Bar which is a great way to target the quads as well as build overall strength. Combined with some lunges and goblet squats you can build yourself a decent leg workout. 

Now I know this would not be suitable for a competitive bodybuilder. But even for a serious amateur athlete, you are going to build yourself a strong body with this compact set up. 

For personal trainers and gyms the same applies. What leg machine can be this taxing for even the most advanced trainers, that can be stood up and rolled away at the end of the workout? Best of all the Nordic Curl Bench is dirt cheap in comparison to these other leg machines.  

What’s Included? ATX® Floor Glute Developer Bench (ATX-GHD-FLR)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 39 kg


Weight Load Capacity







EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


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