ATX® Open Hex Bar Compact – 50 mm


Step up your strength training game with the ATX® Open Hex Bar Compact – 50 mm. Invest in a versatile, reliable, and ergonomic tool that’s designed to help you reach your fitness goals.


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Detailed Product Description

Introducing the ATX® Open Hex Bar Compact – 50 mm: Your Ultimate Tool for Versatile Strength Training

Unparalleled Convenience

  1. Open Design: Step in and out effortlessly, thanks to the bar’s open entry design. It also provides ample freedom for a variety of exercises like squats, lunges, shrugs, and bent-over rows.
  2. Compact Footprint: With a single grip set, this hex trap bar boasts a reduced height for easy storage.

Robust & Durable

  1. Heavy Load Capacity: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting, this bar can support up to 250 kg.
  2. Sturdy Construction: All weight-bearing elements are either welded or bolted, guaranteeing high load stability.


  1. Universal Fit: Its 620 mm grip width and 32 mm handle diameter accommodate users of all shapes and sizes.
  2. Knurl Markings: Ensure your hands are perfectly centered for balanced lifting.

Premium Materials

  1. Olympic-Grade Compatibility: Comes with a 50 mm weight plate holder that’s compatible with most Olympic weight plates featuring a +51mm inner hole diameter.
  2. High-Quality Finish: The frame is powder-coated in sleek black, and the Olympic sleeves are bright chrome plated.

Additional Perks

  1. Non-Slip Knurling: Achieve a secure grip every time you lift.
  2. Rubberized Protective Stops: Safeguard your weight plates and preserve the bar’s coating.

Product Specifications

Weight 14 kg
Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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