ATX® Open Hex Bar Compact – 50 mm


The ATX Compact Hex Trap Bar is the one to get if you are not trying to break records with heavy weights. Of all the trap bars I have sold over the years, this is the one I have used the most. It is just so much easier to use than the massive ones designed for heavier loads.


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The ATX Compact Hex Trap Bar is far from the biggest. As a matter of fact it is the most basic. That is what makes it great! If you have ever wrestled with an XL Trap Bar you know what I am talking about 😉

ATX Open Hex Bar Compact detailed measurements

ATX® Open Hex Bar Compact – 50 mm Key Features

Unparalleled Convenience

Open Design: Step in and out effortlessly, thanks to the bar’s open entry design. It also provides ample freedom for a variety of exercises like squats, lunges, shrugs, and bent-over rows.

Compact Footprint: With a single grip set, this hex trap bar boasts a reduced height for easy storage.

Heavy Load Capacity: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting, this bar can support up to 250 kg.

Sturdy Construction: All weight-bearing elements are either welded or bolted, guaranteeing high load stability.

ATX® Open Hex Bar Compact Chrome Coating

Universal Fit: Its 620 mm grip width and 32 mm handle diameter accommodate users of all shapes and sizes.

Knurl Markings: Ensure your hands are perfectly centered for balanced lifting.

ATX-HEX-COM-50 Knurling

Olympic-Grade Compatibility: Comes with a 50 mm weight plate holder that’s compatible with most Olympic weight plates featuring a +51mm inner hole diameter.

High-Quality Finish: The frame is powder-coated in sleek black, and the Olympic sleeves are bright chrome plated.

Compact Open Trap Bar

Non-Slip Knurling: Achieve a secure grip every time you lift.

Rubberized Protective Stops: Safeguard your weight plates and preserve the bar’s coating.

Olympic Sleeve and Rubber Stopper

Sam's Review


For years we have sold hex trap bars. But we have not always had them in our gym. The traditional style bars were big and heavy making them hard to store. Ideally, I would hang them on the wall. But we ran out of wall space to hang such big and heavy objects.  

The other downside to these old designs was shipping. Prior to the pandemic we could ship them between the east coast capital cities for $50-60 dollars. You had to wrap them so they didn’t get scratched which was a P.I.A. After the pandemic the cost shot up to $150. Nearly the same cost as the bar. So I stopped importing them.  

The new compact, open design was perfect. It packaged up nicely into a box making them so much easier and affordable to ship. Best of all they are easier to store. We were easily able to find a spot to hang it up on the wall.  

Weighing in at only 13kg, it is so much easier to move around the gym. Plus for inexperienced trainers it is an easier way to introduce them to one of the best exercises for strength and power.  

ATX-HEX-COM-50 Safe Packaging


ATX-HEX-COM-50 Open Hex Trap Bar

Hex trap bar deadlifts are widely regarded in strength training. Many experts regard it as better than traditional barbell deadlifts. It is an exercise that engages many muscle groups. If you are not currently doing them and you want to build strength and size, give them a try. 

The ATX Compact Hex Trap Bar is the easiest and most affordable way to add this full body exercise. But wait there’s more! 

This simple design makes it perfect for farmer walks. I have found it so much easier to get this trap bar out and load up some weight plates. This is another exercise that has a long list of muscles worked. The improved grip strength alone makes this worthwhile. 

Another exercise I found myself doing was neutral grip bent over rows.  


Designing gym equipment is always about compromise. It is rare that something small and compact will be able to handle the heaviest weight. This is the case here. Like all ATX products, I am certain this bar would handle more than the 250kg limit. However you would need calibrated powerlifting plates to fit them on. There just isn’t enough loading room. 

If you are wanting to lift massive weight then I recommend getting the ATX Hex Trap Bar XL. It has ample loading space for 300kg deadlifts. 

The other reason is the Compact Trap Bar does not have the elevated handles. You only have the low handles. This is great for building muscle in your posterior chain. But you will not be able to lift as much weight.  

ATX-HEX-XLC Hex Trap Bar


ATX-HEX-COM-50 Compact Hex Trap Bar Measurements

This Hex Trap Bar is perfect for the home trainer who wants to add this great exercise to their training. If you are tight on space or want to stick to a budget, then I strongly recommend this bar. There aren’t too many implements that will build full body strength in this price and space bracket. 

Product Specifications

Weight 14 kg
Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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