L-MC Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch/Core Trainer

If you are sick of doing countless reps of crunches, sit ups etc to get the desired burn in your abs – then Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch for you. You can simply increase the resistance by adding weight plates to fatigue your abs in no time at all.

Researchers have found that the best method of performing a sit-up exercise is through a very short range of motion. Just as with all exercises, the crunch also has a start and finish position.

It is only about 6″s to the contracted position. Most people don’t realize this. The Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch was designed to guide you through the short, yet correct, range of motion.

The bench also sits at the proper angle to fully relieve any stress on the lower back. There is also a comfortable head pad that moves with the lever to provide support to the neck.

L=120cm W=90cm H=120cm
Weight =41kgs
Weight Load Capacity=90kgs

This unit only takes Olympic plates and these are not included.

Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch Review

Take my word. I am an original Powertec fan boy. My life was dedicated to selling Powertec for many years. They made many great machines. Sadly the Leverage Maxi Crunch was not one of them .

What made many Powertec machines great was their dual purpose. Take for example their Leverage Pec Fly/Delt Machine. Whilst only offering two isolation exercises, they really hit the spot with both.

However the Leverage Maxi Crunch was the original air swing. Don’t get me wrong. The crunch exercise was not bad. You could really torture the abs. However as Lee Priest says, you don’t need ab machines to work the abs.

The machine also promoted leg raises as another exercise. Nothing more needs to be said here.

In Powertec’s defense, it was the era of ab machines on late night tv shopping channels. All sorts of contraptions were advertised with oiled up men and women sporting six packs. So I could imagine that there would have been a lot of customers asking for them.

But my recommendation to a customer would be always simple advice. Save your money. Get some hanging ab straps or do some sit ups.