What is a Landmine Attachment?

Landmine attachments exploded in popularity when functional training burst onto the scene. However the original landmine could be considered the practice of jamming an Olympic barbell into the corner of a gym and doing t bar rows with cable row handle.

This gave rise to a couple of issues. Firstly gym goers can be notoriously slack at putting away gym equipment when they have finished using it. Secondly there is considerable risk of damaging people and property with this ghetto set up.

Enter the T-Bar Row machine. Often featuring multiple and varied gripping positions, along with angled footplates, it made training back a whole lot easier.

Bert Sorin from Sorinex lays claim to first purpose built landmine device. It was built to assist with his training for the Hammer Throwing Olympic trials.

The purpose was to train the twisting of the torso that is associated with this Olympic sport.

The ability to perform a wide variety of sports specific movements made them incredibly popular in the strength and conditioning community. Eventually this training modality made its way into CrossFit and other forms of functional training.

Originally these movements were performed with the barbell and landmine attachment alone. As popularity grew, various attachments were designed to enhance and expand the different landmine exercises.

Along with the landmine attachments featured below, you can also get yourself some T-Bar Row Bar Attachments.

ATX-BAHL-5678 PRX Landmine Attachment for a power rack

Types of Landmine Attachments

Given their popularity, it is no wonder why the types of landmine attachments have grown. Trainers of all levels have recognized the value of landmine exercises and include them in training programs for people of all experience levels.

As a result, landmine attachments have been designed to meet the needs of different training environments. Whether you train in a gym or in a park, there is a landmine device that will suit your needs.

Rack Mounted Landmine Attachment

The ATX Rack mounted landmine attachment is designed primarily for ATX racks, but it will fit any rack as long as the uprights are between 50 and 80mm, with 21mm diameter holes.

Mounting to a rack makes it incredibly stable. The only issue is space – just make sure that you have enough room for the barbell in your gym.

Ironmaster Landmine Attachment

The Ironmaster Landmine attachment is designed for the IM1500 and IM2000 racks, it may fit other racks with ½” holes, but we’re unable to guarantee it.

The ATX rack mounted landmine attachment attaches to the rack via a 20mm thick bolt. If your rig can’t handle that girth, the Ironmaster attachment can be bolted to a surface via the ½” hole. Provided there is adequate space, clearance and structural support, you could mount this anywhere.

Ironmaster Landmine Attachment mounted on IM2000

Pluggable Landmine Attachment

The pluggable landmine attachment plugs into your Olympic plates. This is handy for those of you who don’t have a compatible power rack for the other attachments, or if multiple people are training at the same time.

If you are training outdoors, you can simply drop into a pair of 20 or 25kg bumper plates.

ATX-BAH-PT Post Landmine Attachment being placed into some bumper plates

Landmine Attachment Accessories

T-Bar Rows

If you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter, the T-Bar row will most likely be your favourite landmine exercise. If you don’t have a t-bar row machine, this can be the next best thing.

For home gym trainers or a gym with limited space, a landmine attachment combined with a row attachment can give you the best back workout. There was a reason why those old timers went to the trouble of jamming the barbell into the gym corner!

Unlike the old days, a quality landmine attachment combined with a quality row handle has a much more refined feel than the DIY job. If you close your eyes you could be mistaken that you were lifting on a dedicated t-bar row machine.

You can get wide grip, parallel grip and single row handles. The simply slide over the barbell sleeve.

Club Attachment

When previously doing landmine exercises you would just grip the barbell sleeve. This is ok and still done by a lot of people with no issues. However the barbell club attachments were designed to address the shortcomings with using the barbell sleeve.

Barbell sleeves are thick and often finished with chrome. Chrome is great for barbell sleeves in that offers excellent protection. However as there is no knurling on the barbell sleeve, the chrome finish offers no grip. Combined with the 2” thickness, it can be tricky to grip.

The club attachment slides over the sleeve. It then tapers into a 30mm thick shaft that is finished with matte paint. This is so much easier to grip, especially when performing dynamic movements.

If you do want to work your grip, just reach for the 80mm knob at the end of the shaft. It is also handy for simulating sport specific movements that use balls, for example shot putt.

Revolving Handle

Just like squats, if you wanted to do pressing movements previously you were very limited. By incorporating revolving dual handles you can not only press but also perform compound movements like the clean and press.

Squat Attachment

Previously when performing a squat movement on a landmine it would have either been goblet style or resting on one shoulder. The landmine squat attachment makes it just like a leverage squat. These are great for performing jump squats.

But the big advantage is that you can also perform the viking press, along with other pressing movements with the handles.