Buying a Dumbbell Stand Made Easy

This article is about the things to consider when buying a dumbbell stand. Most of our rubber hex dumbbell sets already come with a rack, but not everyone purchases all their dumbbells in one go.

Instead we find a lot of people pick up a couple of pairs to begin with, then buy more as they get stronger. Or need lighter dumbbells for accessory movements. If you’re in this boat then before you know it you’ll have dumbbells scattered all over your floor. It’s best to act fast by buying a dumbbell stand before you know you need it – that way you’ll save yourself an eyesore and a potential injury.

Power Maxx 2 Tier Rubber Hex Dumbbell Rack

Are Dumbbell Racks Worth It?

Yes! Loose dumbbells on your floor are a major trip hazard and eyesore. A dedicated dumbbell rack saves you a lot of headaches and organizes your dumbbells neatly.

If you’re working with a limited amount of space then you might think you can’t afford to use your precious space on a dumbbell rack. But this is backwards thinking – one of our vertical stands takes up way less space than loose dumbbells.

And once you start getting onto the heavier dumbbells, the multi-tier racks will be a godsend. Picking dumbbells up directly from the floor can be arduous because the handle sits so low to the ground. But with a multi-tier dumbbell rack they sit higher up, meaning you don’t have to strain your lower back to pick them up.

Racks for Round Rubber Dumbbells

We have a couple of racks for round rubber dumbbells – it just depends how many you have. The 8 pair dumbbell rack is designed to fit [as you may have guessed] 8 pairs of dumbbells on there. It’s commercial quality and comfortable fits and supports a 5-40kg round rubber dumbbell set.

If you have 10 pairs of dumbbells then you’re going to want the 10 pair dumbbell rack, this is exactly the same as the previous one. Just 50cm longer. Both of these racks are commercial quality, two tier racks, and designed for pairs of round rubber dumbbells.

Racks for Rubber Hex Dumbbells

If you own a set of rubber hex dumbbells then look no further! We have a choice of either a 2 tier, 3 tier, or compact dumbbell stand.

The 2 tier dumbbell rack easily fits a 2.5-25kg set on it. That’s going up in 2.5kg increments too – meaning 10 pairs.

The 3 tier rubber hex dumbbell rack is for the big boys out there. We use it for our 5-50kg rubber hex dumbbell set. It actually has the same dimensions (including height!) as the 2 tier rack, but it includes an extra tier along the bottom.

If you’re short on space then the compact dumbbell rack is perfect for you. It’s a 3 tier rack designed for rubber hex dumbbells. It has the same shelf space as the two tier dumbbell rack, but is 50cm shorter!

Vertical Dumbbell Racks

If you don’t have much floor space in your gym then you might want to take a look at our vertical dumbbell racks – they fit just as many dumbbells but they’re stored upright rather than horizontally.

The rubber hex vertical dumbbell A stand stores up to 10 pairs of rubber hex dumbbells on it. It’s relatively inexpensive and absolutely worth it to tidy up your gym floor. We can comfortably fit a 1-10kg set on there.

The 10 pair vertical dumbbell rack fits both rubber hex and round rubber dumbbells on it. You can also access it from 4 sides which makes it ideal for training with others. The 14 pair vertical dumbbell rack is exactly the same, just bigger! You can store up to 14 pairs of dumbbells on it.