Lee Priest Arm Training Secrets

The Man With The Best Arms in The World

Who better to learn arm training secrets from other than Lee Priest. Lee has been voted in several polls by his peers and fans as the man with the best arms in the world.

At the age of 50, Lee is still rocking 20″+ plus arms. His advice will not only help you reach your size potential, but more importantly help you keep them bulging for years.

Lee Priest flexing his biceps
Lee Priest Best Arms In The World!

The Arm Training Secret

Sorry to break it to you but there is no secret. Like all of Lee’s advice it is actually pretty basic – like very basic. There is no secret set of exercises, no secret set and rep structure and of course no secret drugs.

The secret is very simple. You just have to train hard and consistently. Use correct form, eat well and get plenty of sleep. Sounds simple, but so many people who complain about not getting results don’t follow these guidelines.

Lee’s Bicep Training

This is how Lee built and maintained the best arms in the world. There is no specific program or structure. Just some basic principles that worked for him. They may not work for you. Give them a try and make the changes necessary that work for you.


Lee may do up to seven or eight working sets. That does not include warm up sets. Every exercise he performs, he will start with some warm up sets. He may have just finished training with a barbell and is progressing to a preacher curl machine. Lee will still perform a couple of light sets before progressing to his working sets.

The rationale here is that although the same muscle group is being worked, they are being hit at different angle. Therefore it is prudent to perform a couple of lighter sets before upping the weight.

As a rough guide, Lee aims for at least 20 working sets for his arm training.


As a general rule, Lee will perform 6 to 8 reps if he is chasing mass. But this is also dependent on what specific exercise Lee is performing. With dumbbells or barbells, he will shoot for 6 to 8 reps. For cable exercises he opens the rep range up to 10 or 12.


Lee Priest’s arm training normally involves four of five exercise for biceps. There are no favourite or essential exercises. Like everything else Lee preaches, just stick to the basics. Lee draws his exercises from the following groups:

  1. Barbell curl – with either an Olympic EZ curl bar or a straight curl bar.
  2. Dumbbell curl
  3. Preacher curl – free weight or machine
  4. Machine exercise
  5. Cable Exercise

I can hear the calls now – can you be a bit more specific! Sorry after hanging around Lee for over 10 years this is as specific as I can get. Even he doesn’t know what exercises he is going to do when he rocks up to the gym. He even may train another body part altogether.

This is probably the most valuable lesson in not just arm training, but training altogether. Lee trains instinctively. He listens to his body and works around how he feels. This doesn’t mean if you do an exercise and it feels difficult you should not do it. Quite the opposite.

Sometimes an exercise feels different or uncomfortable because you are using different muscles. Make sure you are using the correct form and a manageable weight. Keep working at it and you never know it may become your new favourite.


Now this is where we can get specific. Watch any video of Lee and you will see his form is clinical. I guess this is the secret if there is any.

Each rep must be performed correctly. At the top of the movement give the muscle a squeeze. Lee even goes as far as visualising the movement. This is the mind muscle connection.

The only time there should be any swinging is on the last couple of reps on the last working sets. Not a massive movement, just a little cheat to get the weight to the squeeze position. Almost like your training partner giving you an assist with their finger on the bar.

The correct form will not only maximise your results. It will also prevent injuries which will allow you to keep on training.

lee priest hammer curls with tricep rope