Powertec Leverage Quikfit System

It was machines like the Powertec Leverage QuikFit System that made me really proud to be a Powertec dealer. You have to remember. It was before 2010 and the options for affordable gym equipment was really limited. There was simply nothing on the market even remotely comparable to this system. Having had one set up […]

The Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press was a great little machine. The fact that it was little was one of the reasons that made it great! In just over one square meter you could load it up and hit the shoulders hard. This machine could handle as much weight as you could fit on it. Or […]

Powertec Power Lever

I am not going to lie to you. The L-PL Powertec Power Lever was a gimmick. Practically all the exercises that are demonstrated can be performed with a 4ft Olympic barbell. It can be argued that the Olympic barbell option is superior too. Most importantly for the budget conscious, it was a lot cheaper. Now […]

Powertec Bench Rack System

The Powertec Bench Rack System was just a half rack and bench combination. What made it out stand out from the pack was the famous yellow Powertec colour. You could also get it in red and grey. I mean there were design elements that made it stand out from the competition. Most notably the Powertec […]

Powertec T Bar Row

The Powertec Leverage T Bar Row is another one that got away. If you read my old Powertec reviews, this is a recurring theme. Normally I am glowing about my reviews on the discontinued machines that I thought had a promising future. The T Bar Row was one that could have been improved. In it’s […]

p-ss powertec shape system

The Powertec Shape System was one of my favorite machines. At the time of me writing this – 30th April 2024 – I am still in possession of one. Granted it is nearly out the door after moving it out of my gym. Given these were last made in 2008 that speaks volumes of what […]

Powertec Leverage Pec Fly Delt

It was a sad day when the Powertec Leverage Pec Fly/Delt was removed from their range. To prepare I purchased extras of this machine. In Australia we were able to still send these out many years after their 2008 production date. The reason I stocked up was because I knew these unique machines would always […]

Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch

If you are sick of doing countless reps of crunches, sit ups etc to get the desired burn in your abs – then Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch for you. You can simply increase the resistance by adding weight plates to fatigue your abs in no time at all. Researchers have found that the best method […]

The Powertec Leverage Lat Pulldown was phased out in 2008. So I only sold a handful over the years. It was a quirky machine. For starters why opt for leverage over the traditional lat pulldown cable machine? Leverage machines are nearly always cheaper than their cable counterparts. They are much simpler to manufacture. For the […]

leverage arm curl

The Powertec Leverage Arm Curl has combined simple and heavy-duty design with several handy features to make the best value bicep machine on the market. The angle of the preacher curl bench has 3 adjustment levels. The steep setting targets the lower bicep. Increase the weight and drop the reps and set the preacher pad […]

P-FB Powertec Flat Bench Plus

The Powertec Flat Bench could easily be dismissed as just another run of the mill bench. That was never the Powertec style. There was always a twist. An extra feature or function. That was what made them market leaders in the domestic gym equipment market. When Crossfit first started, the demand for flat benches increased. […]

Powertec Half Rack in Yellow

The Powertec Half Rack is very popular in Sydney as it is a great free weight alternative for people who have limited space. As house prices soar, home gym sizes shrink, so people are always looking for gym equipment that is more compact. But don’t think because this half rack is compact, it won’t be up for some serious training. It is rated for 700lbs.

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