P-BRS Powertec Bench Rack System

The Powertec Bench Rack System was just a half rack and bench combination. What made it out stand out from the pack was the famous yellow Powertec colour. You could also get it in red and grey.

I mean there were design elements that made it stand out from the competition. Most notably the Powertec Utility Bench that attached to the base of the half rack gym. This not only easily centered you in the right position. The bench functionality also enabled you do perform shoulder press with the back rest upright.

Powertec Official Promo

Great value home gym for the free weight trainer

The well-established hot yellow color is not the only thing that makes the Powertec Bench/Rack System different. The bench can be removed allowing access to a heavy duty squat rack. The bench is on wheels so it can be easily moved in and out.

Simple yet innovative and effective. The rack includes weight storage and angled chin-up bars. It also features a 10-degree angle and uses a slide tube for quick adjustment. The bench incorporates the patented linkage mechanism for multiple angles with back support.

The new lat section and chin up bar make this unit great value for money.

Powertec Bench Rack System
Powertec Bench Rack System in product catalogue

A Solid Free Weight System That Looked Good

That would be the best way to sum up this Powertec system. It was not a ground breaking design. It just combined several Powertec designs. The bench, the optional lat pulldown and seated row. You could add attachments to the bench. Without the fancy paint this was a solid system.

Giving it a lick or yellow or red paint just made it more visually appealing.

The Bench Rack System was eventually replaced by the half rack. This meant if you wanted just a half rack, you did not need to buy the included bench.