Powertec Utility Bench WB-UB

The Powertec Workbench Utility Bench has always been a big seller. Not many benches have the same functionality as a weight bench, let alone with the ability to dock the Powertec Workbench Accessories. However, the bench did suffer from negative reviews about the Powertec bench wobble myth which was largely the result of people not assembling their bench correctly.

So in 2016 Powertec have decided to blow this myth to smithereens by re-designing the bench adjustment system. Gone is the linkage system with bushes, replaced with a bearing-driven roller system that will give you a stable platform from which to lift to the max!

This roller system allows you to move the bench back and forwards, in an upright or angled position, so that you can find the perfect position to shoulder press or incline press. Without this mechanism, on the Powertec LeverGym or certain squat racks, you won’t be able to shoulder press with the backrest upright.

Heavy Duty and Versatile

  1. HEAVY DUTY – Rated for up to 600lbs
  2. Certified for commercial use – Meets European Standard EN 957 for commercial gym use.
  3. Lifetime structural warranty
  4. Adjustable from decline, flat, incline and upright. The only bench you will need for your gym.
  5. Docking station for optional Workbench Accessories: Preacher curl, leg extension, leg curl, pec fly, lat tower and dip machine. 
  6. Re-designed bench adjustment system – moves forward and back on bearing driven rollers. Very stable platform for lifting.
  7. Commercial upholstery with embossed Powertec logo.
  8. Handles for use with optional Leg Extension accessory. 
  9. Wheels on the rear support to make moving around your gym a breeze.
  10. Built low to the ground for heavy benching. 

More than a solid Gym Bench…..

Powertec machines – Multi System, LeverGym, Multi Press, and Olympic Bench Press – so it is far to say it has seen some action. As a power cage bench, it was always popular as it was built low to the ground so you could really plant your feet if you wanted to go after some pbs on the old bench press.

But what was also handy was the ability to dock your favorite accessory, and convert your gym bench into a leverage preacher curl station. For a home gym devotee, this was perfect, as you didn’t have to add another machine. Even more so considering the feel and movement on many of the exercises was just as good or if not better than their stand-alone equivalents.