Powertec Workbench Funtional Trainer

The Workbench Functional Trainer is the latest addition to the Powertec range. They have taken many elements of the old Shape System and built on them to produce a Functional Trainer that is different to the competition.

Barbarian Monster gym

The complete gym in a compact foot print. The multiple training platforms give you a list of exercises that is simply too long to list. Why train in a crowded gym when you can have all the gym equipment you will ever need in your spare room or garage.

BB-9061 Barbarian Warrior Bench Press

A commercial quality bench press with adjustable spotter bars – the solution for the 24-hour Gym owner that wants to offer their clients a safe way to perform this all-time favourite exercise. The bench press for commercial and competitive environments, the Barbarian Commercial Bench Press features adjustable spotter bars and 500kgs weight capacity!

BB-9031 Barbarian PRO Functional Cage

Get the most of your barbell work with the Barbarian PRO Functional Commercial Power Rack. Best for gym and studios catering to high performing athletes. The PRO Functional Rack is designed for those who want to get the most from their barbell work. It comes standard with many, many extras. All which are high quality and built to last. Perfect for the gym or studio who train for high performance athletes.

German engineering. 650kg load capacity. With lat pulldown/seated row option. The Barbarian Commercial Power Cage has everything you want in a power rack! This high-end commercial power rack is one for the serious weight trainer. Rated to a total capacity of 650kg, it offers a Lat pulldown / seated row option (great way to save space) and several unique design elements for a great training experience.

The Powertec Basic Trainer helps you do all of your bodyweight training – chin ups, dips, vertical knee raises, push ups & squats – with just one machine!

Finally, a Leg Press that doesn’t cost a bomb, can take plenty of weight and doesn’t take up half your gym. Utilising tried and tested technology from Powertec, get a leg machine that looks and performs just like a high end commercial leg press, but at a fraction of the price.

The Powertec Compact Leg Sled is an all around leg machine with an equally excellent performance as that of a 45degree Leg Press but at a lower price tag. Transfer more weight onto your quads by using this leg sled, it doesn’t take much space and can be a great tool to build leg strength without putting the extra stress on your lover back or shoulders unlike squats.

Powertec Leverage Chin Dip Assist

The Assisted Dip and Chin Up helps you perfect your form while training for upper body strength. Recommended for beginners & advanced trainers on rehab.

Toughen up your abs with the Powertec Hyperextension – Roman Chair. Even if you are not into weight training, building a strong back is critical if you want to live a fulfilling life. Hyperextensions are one of the best exercises to achieve this whether you are an advanced trainer or new to the game.?Built to offer flexibility with its 4 adjustments from 90 degree to 45 degree positions.

Use this powerful Powertec Olympic Bench Press for your flat, incline and decline bench press, and even shoulder press. The Powertec Olympic Bench Press is packed full of features including incline/decline functionality plus it’s designed to shift back in the upright position, so you can get under the bar for shoulder pressing.

Increase your chest and shoulder strength with the Powertec Workbench Multi Bench Press Machine! Its self-spotting feature offers you maximum protection.

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