L-TBN Powertec Leverage T-Bar Row

The Powertec Leverage T Bar Row is another one that got away. If you read my old Powertec reviews, this is a recurring theme. Normally I am glowing about my reviews on the discontinued machines that I thought had a promising future. The T Bar Row was one that could have been improved.

In it’s original form it was good. You certainly got a great back workout. The multi grip handle offered some variety. Compared to the competition at the time it was pretty good. But with some minor changes it could have been a lot better.

T-Bar Rows – Every Gym Should Have One

That is my highly biased opinion. Back exercises are the best for real world performance. Chest and shoulders look great, but back strength is what is going to help you lift that heavy box. T Bar Rows are an exercise that really translates from the gym to the real world.

There were two downsides to this machine. The handle and it’s positioning.

The handle was detachable and was secured into place with a small pull pin. It pivoted on a small copper bushing. The bushing sometimes split because it was pretty small. Rowing heavy weight did cause the occasional issue. It was rare though.

It was more the positioning of the t bar row handle. The location was right at the front of the leverage arm. Although the handles would pivot close to your body, it did feel like the weight was pulling you forward. Only when you were going heavy.

Compared to the ATX T Bar Row Machine which has ideal t bar row handle positioning, the Powertec unit could have been easily tweaked. The rest of the machine was spot on. It’s simple and solid design was perfect for gyms which were tight on space.

Powertec Official Promo

The POWERTEC Leverage T-Bar Row is a simple yet highly effective piece of equipment. If you want to add size and strength then you won’t go wrong with this unit.

The angled footplates put you in the perfect position to perform this exercise properly. There is no cheating here! It can really stop you in your tracks.

The swivel handle allows for multiple hand positions and like all the leverage units it is really smooth with constant resistance. It has rear wheels and handles making it easy to move.

It is these design features combined with the quality of materials that make this unit superior to cheaper versions.


L=145cm W=115cm H=55cm
• Weight =46kgs
• Weight Load Capacity=180kgs
Weight Plates are not included