T-Bar Row Options Without a Machine

The T-Bar Row Machine is highly recommended if you want to build a strong back. But we understand it may be out of a lot of people’s price range, and you might be working with limited space. If that’s the case we can offer you a second best: a landmine attachment for use with your Olympic bar. We will explore the various T-Bar row options.

The landmine attachment functions similarly to a T-Bar Row Machine, but it makes use of equipment you already have.

Combined with the landmine attachment, you’re going to want some t-bar row attachments. We offer a few different handles for t-bar rows. This article will explain the differences between them.

T-Bar Row Handle

The T-Bar row handle is designed for traditional T-Bar Rows. It’s slightly wider than a cable row handle which you may have already used for low rows. This slightly wider grip means you’ll target your upper back more, which is exactly what T-Bar Rows are supposed to do.

ATX-TBR-PAL-H28 T Bar Row Handle

One Arm Row Handle

The single arm row handle is designed for one arm rows. Many people prefer single arm rows because it gives you a greater range of motion than dual handle rows or barbell rows.

If you are a beast on one arm rows then this attachment is well worth considering. Especially if you are a home weight trainer. Heavy dumbbells are very expensive. With the single row handle option, you can easily pile on more weight.

One Arm Row with barbell handle

Wide Grip Row Attachment

If you’ve done t-bar rows before you’ve probably been able to shift a fair amount of weight. But the wide grip t-bar row attachment is designed to humble you. The wide grip will completely isolate your back and lat muscles and really tax your back.

 Wide T-Bar Row Handle

ATX T-Bar Row Attachment

The ATX T-Bar Row attachment is designed for use with standard barbells as well as Olympic. It can be purchased if you do not have a landmine. This kit comes complete with a bracket that can be screwed on to any base section of your gym. If you find it getting in the way when not in use, just simply screw it off and move it. There are no tools required to do this, making it very easy to move.

This is also the best option if you have a standard barbell. All the attachments above, plus the landmines offered, are all designed for Olympic barbells that have 50mm sleeves. The ATX T-Bar Attachment can accommodate both standard and Olympic barbells.

But the pest part is the handle. It is a narrowish, slightly angled grip. The angle of the handles combined with the width gives one of the best handles to target your back. We always thought this was special. However it wasn’t until Lee Priest tried it that we realized we were onto a winner.


In conclusion, a strong back is mandatory for anyone that is serious about strength training. Whether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting or just keeping fit – strengthening that back will make you stronger and prevent injuries.

T-Bar rows are widely regarded as one of the best exercise for developing the back. These relatively inexpensive implements make it training the back muscles more enjoyable and effective. If you are struggling for space they do not take much room either.