Leonel’s ATX PRX-750 Power Rack Review

Thanks to Leonel for sending through some pictures and his ATX-PRX-750 Power Rack Review. It is set up in Leonel’s studio where he trains clients. These racks look so good it is not just the clients who are impressed. When the garage door is up it sounds like there is a bit of rubber necking going on too!

Although not fully complete, Leonel’s studio is a beauty. Although there is not a lot of gym and fitness equipment, it has more than you need for a great workout. That is what makes the ATX-PRX-750 great. You get a commercial power rack, and if you look closely, this one has the lat pulldown attachment.

Leonels ATX-PRX-750 Power Rack in his studio

Leonel’s ATX-PRX-750 Power Rack Review

We always value feedback, especially from people like Leonel who work in the industry. This is what Leonel had to say:

Hey Matt/Sam

Hope you guys are doing well!

I wanted to show  you guys how the rack is looking in the studio.

At the moment I am obsessed with the rack and loving the quality of it, I get constant compliments about it when I am training my clients and also on lookers when the garage door is open.

I always refer people to your site.

The studio is around 90% done and will get a clean-up before taking proper photos which I will send to you guys to upload if you would like. Thanks again, you guys are legends.

It was very re-assuring to hear Leonel’s thoughts given the price increases that all gym equipment is experiencing at the moment. Increasing prices at the best of times is not ideal. But the frequency and the amount of what is happening at the moment genuinely breaks my heart.

To hear that Leonel was still blown away by the ATX quality at the new price has certainly made me sleep easier at night. Even at these prices the ATX gym racks still stand out from the pack.

It is little details like the quality of the j-hooks and the indexing chin up bar that make these racks so nice to use. Plus they look great too!

Leonels ATX-PRX-750 Power Rack with Lat Attachment