P-FB Powertec Flat Bench

The Powertec Flat Bench could easily be dismissed as just another run of the mill bench. That was never the Powertec style. There was always a twist. An extra feature or function. That was what made them market leaders in the domestic gym equipment market.

When Crossfit first started, the demand for flat benches increased. Prior to that they were always regarded as the poor cousin of an adjustable gym bench. But they did have their advantages.

P-FB Powertec Flat Bench Plus

Basic & Solid

Trust me when I say it is better to have a quality flat bench than a cheap FID bench. There was a lot less that could go wrong. Plus the pads on a cheap bench could be really uncomfortable and would wear out qucikly.

The Powertec Flat Bench was a perfect compromise. It was really good quality and up for serious training. But it had the added bonus of being able to be slightly inclined and declined. Neither were steep. But enough to engage the required muscle when doing an incline bench press or decline press.

As an added bonus, it even had leg lock functionality for decline press. Combined with the compact footprint and wheels it made a great option for the home trainer on a budget.

Powertec Flat Bench Official Promo

Rock-solid flat bench with some handy design features

All flat benches seem to be built the same. Not this one. The Powertec Flat Bench is engineered with a sleek look and heavy-duty construction.

Its gym style low to the ground profile allows for easy access to dumbbell training and solid footing for heavy bench presses.

The Powertec Flat Bench also incorporates rear wheels for quick in and out of the rack mobility. The new flat bench model now also provides additional incline and decline positions.