BBP- Barbarian MONSTER Monster Gym

Train all body parts with multiple exercises with the Barbarian Monster Gym. You have a smith machine, cable, barbell, and bodyweight options all rolled into one. 

  1. Half rack system including j-hooks and spotter bars that are rated for 300kgs.
  2. Linear bearing smith machine with hardened chrome guide rails rated for 200kgs.
  3. Dual pulley functional trainer with 2 x 100kg weight stacks in 5kg increments.
  4. Multi grip chin up bar plus adjustable dip handles.
  5. T-bar row station.
  6. Cable attachments included FREE!
  7. Band pegs for resistance band training. 
  8. All these features in a 201cm x 144cm footprint.

The Complete Functional Gym

They say variety is the spice of life. So if you really want to spice up your training then don’t look any further than the MONSTER Gym. Your range of exercises will only be limited to your imagination.

You will have multiple platforms on which you can train all body parts – barbell, smith machine, cable, and body weight. Combined with a set of dumbbells, you will be able to perform nearly all the weight training exercises known to man!

So it is important to remember this when you are shopping around for gym equipment. Yes, this is an expensive gym, but you are effectively getting three quality machines in one compact unit. 

The reason I emphasized quality was because this is what sets the Barbarian MONSTER Gym apart from the competition. The Barbarian Line is designed for studio use, so this machine has been fitted with quality parts and components. 

Smith machine lifting bar

Compact Gym Solution

Normally all this functionality would take up a massive space. But thanks to the innovative design, your Barbarian Monster Gym will easily fit into the corner of your spare room or back of your garage. For personal trainers wanting to offer their client’s the complete training experience, you won’t need to rent a huge space or invest in multiple pieces of gym equipment.

The smith machine runs on linear bearings. The weight horns have been cleverly angled to reduce the width required. Out front is a half-rack with adjustable j-hooks and spotter’s arms – there are 24 adjustment positions in total so you will be able to perform all your favorite barbell exercises with the perfect start position. 

What really makes the Monster unique is the incorporation of a functional trainer within the footprint. This just adds so much to your training variety. The only downside is that the pulleys run on a 2:1 ratio – which is an advantage for most cable exercises as they are generally isolation movements. With a 2:1 ratio, increasing the weight by 5kgs is effectively 2.5kgs. This is ideal for fly, raises, press down etc. Both pulleys have 32 adjustment positions. 

Barbarian Monster Gym feature shot

For compound movements like rows or pulldowns, you have the cable attachment which connects the two cables. So you can utilize both weight stacks. 

The Monster also features multi-grip chin-up bars and dip handles. The T-Bar row attachment is a neat addition that attaches to the base of the gym for the ultimate back workout. 

One element that is regularly overlooked when purchasing fitness equipment for the first time is the storage of weight plates and cable attachments. But if you already have a home gym or studio you will know exactly what I am talking about. The Barbarian MONSTER Gym has all that covered, providing not only a space efficient gym but an extremely tidy one too!