ATX® Dual Pulley Compact Trainer


Perform hundreds of your favourite accessory exercises in a small footprint. The ATX® Dual Pulley Cable Crossover features two 85kg weight stacks and cable attachments to get you started!


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If you are in the market for a quality cable crossover, the ATX® functional trainer is definitely worth a look. It offers an exceptionally sturdy robot-welded construction, compact footprint and a genuine commercial grade certificate.

  1. 2 x 85kg weight stacks.
  2. Selectable weight ratio 1:2 & 1:4.
  3. Spring operated adjustment system.
  4. 17 Adjustment positions with laser-cut numbering.
  5. Integrated pull up bar & exercise board.
  6. Pulley housing swivels 180° degrees.
  7. Exceptionally compact footprint – width: 162.5cm, depth: 120cm, height: 210cm.

Unlike the others

One of the biggest downsides of functional trainers was that you could not really do proper lat pulldowns or seated rows. The ATX® Functional trainer comes with a cross-arm which allows you to perform your favourite exercise with great comfort. The grips on the cross-bar come with a durable rubber coating and have been engineered to rotate to prevent the bar from damaging your skin.

The weight stacks and the weight ratio

You’ll notice this functional trainer gives you an option to choose from 1:2 or 1:4 weight ratios.

Functional trainers are not designed to train large muscle groups, they are designed for small and gradual increments. This makes them perfect for physios and rehab work.

Plus they are also great for dynamic movements like wood chops. On a 1:1 weight stack, the weight will move twice the speed and distance compared to a 2:1 weight stack. Therefore the 2:1 (and 4:1) offers great range of motion. Plus reduces the wear and tear on the machine when doing these dynamic exercises.


  1. Integrated Exercise Board.
  2. 4 x Durable Nylon Stirrup Handles.
  3. Cross-Bar for connecting the pulleys together.
  4. Revolving Straight Bar.
  5. 4 x Carabiners.
  6. Built-In Safety Cover.
ATX-FTX-Trainer inclusions

Gym Cable Attachments

Product Specifications

Weight 296 kg






Weight Load Capacity



EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


5 years see T&Cs


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