WB-FT Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer

The Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer was my arch nemesis. This machine was designed and released in response to the issues with the Powetec Shape System. People somehow managed to tip the Shape System over. They proceeded to sue Powertec for damages despite them using the machine incorrectly.

You can tell by the design that Powertec built the Workbench Functional Trainer so it would not tip. They well and truly succeeded with this objective. But they sacrificed a whole lot to get there.

Functional Trainer vs Shape System

The minute I set up the Powertec Workbench Functional Trainer I begged for the return of the Shape System. This was what I did not like:

  • It had a bigger footprint. The Shape System was so slender – one of the reasons it tipped. The Functional Trainer was a weird shaped monster that took up loads of space.
  • Despite the increased footprint it went from two weight carriages to one. Not that single carriage cable crossovers are bad. You generally reduce the carriages to save space.
  • It was more expensive. More steel equals more money.
  • It didn’t have the folding bench.

Not All Bad

Despite it being inferior to it’s predecessor, it was not a bad machine. It was pretty solid and you could do loads of exercises. Plus they did add some handy items.

One of the standout additions is a set of multi grip chin-up handles. They are a new style from Powertec and are extra wide for all you trainers who really like to get wide and feel that stretch. You know who you are.

Powertec has also added a bar which you can attach to both cables. It is fantastic as it feels like you are actually using a barbell. You can use this bar for all sorts of pressing and pulling movements such as bench press, close grip press, upright row, barbell curls and so much more. 

It is also very useful for sports-specific training – Powertec has produced several videos demonstrating some great examples.

A man doing seated lat pulldowns on a functional trainer

Seated Row – The Best Till Last!

One of my favorite exercises to do is a seated row on a pulley machine, and lucky for me, Powertec’s new Functional Trainer has a great setup for this exercise.

Not only does it has its own dedicated station in the middle of the machine, but you also have these sweet footrests that you can use to really break through your plateaus. Set up at the base of the machine sits your very own cable and any attachment you wish to use. With the extremely smooth action, you feel like this is all it was made for.

This Functional Trainer is a fantastic new edition to the Powertec family and can be used for either toning the body or maintaining strength. The Functional Trainer. A great addition to any home gym or studio.

Woman doing seated rows on a functional trainer

This machine is sold without weight plates. So if you have got Olympic weight plates you are good to go. If not, let us know what you are after and we can work out a package deal. If you have standard weight plates, you purchase the Powertec Standard Horns.

Pin Loaded Weight Stack Now Available! Check out the new weight stack option from Powertec. It is 190lbs, plus you can also use the Olympic weight horns to add more weight to go super heavy. It is an extra $348.