BB-9061 Barbarian Warrior Bench Press

The Barbarian Warrior Bench Press looks dated now. However when I started my journey with IFS this was a big draw card. Powerlifting was really starting to take off in Australia. Powertec only offered a FID style bench press.

The multi function bench press were great for studios or home users looking for multi purpose equipment. However this comes with a trade off. The Powertec Olympic Bench Press did have some movement under heavy loads. The Megatec Bench was a vast improvement, but did not come with safety spotters.

Built for Powerlifting

The Barbarian Warrior Bench Press on the other hand was built for competitive bench pressing. It had IPF competition specs and solid build. The uprights and spotters were adjustable. It was simple and a tank.

It has since been replaced by the ATX-OBX-700 Commercial Bench Press. You can see the Warrior Bench Press is well and truly in the DNA of this new design. Modern production techniques have enabled them to refine the design.

If you keep an eye out, you will see loads of these still in operation in Europe. The older versions were grey in colour. Even in a gym this simple yet robust design will last for a long time.

The new benches are great and are just finished so much better. The little features like pins, spotters, j-hooks etc have all been improved. But ultimately if you just want to bench heavy the old Warrior still does the trick. If you have one, I would love you buy a new one, but really it is not necessary.

Our Original Warrior Bench Promo

This flat bench press has been designed to handle extremely heavyweight – up to 500kgs – and unlike the other bench press for sale making wild claims, this has been verified by European standards. The frame is made from a 75mm x 75mm box tube with a 3mm wall thickness. These materials combined with the clever German design mean that this bench is very rigid even when it is loaded up.

The BB-9061 Bench Press has been around for years. The current design represents years of refinement to produce not only a more stable benching platform, plus offering all the current features that serious trainers demand these days.

The barbell uprights are adjustable in height from 84.5cm to 109.5cm, with adjustment points every 50mm, making it suitable for different body shapes and sizes. Your flash barbell will be fully protected with the rubber sleeves that are on the bar supports.

The Complete Bench Press

The safety spotters also have a rubber protective strip. If you do have this bench press in a gym, the last thing you want is to have barbells crashing down every couple of minutes. They are also adjustable in height, so you can bench hard with complete safety. Making it perfect for 24-hour gyms.

The Barbarian Line Commercial Bench also features holes in the base for resistance band training (band pegs and resistance bands are sold separately). So not only is it a solid all-around bench press for a commercial environment, but it caters also to the athletes looking to add variety to their training. Simply can’t be beaten at this price.

Barbarian Warrior Bench Press