Powertec WB-OB Olympic Bench Press

What started as a simple flat bench press has evolved into a bench press that is packed full of features. Having a stand-alone bench press in your home gym or studio can be a luxury that many can’t afford – it takes up a fair bit of space for one exercise, albeit a very important one.

So the Powertec design team took it upon themselves to make this unit more than a bench press. For starters, they gave it incline and decline functionality which is quite common. But what sets the Powertec bench apart is that it is designed to shift back in the upright position, so you can get under the bar for some shoulder pressing.

The latest model incorporates a bearing driven roller system. This not only makes the bench a lot more stable, but it is also a lot easier to change between positions. 

  1. Heavy Duty – Rated and tested for 600lbs.
  2. Been tested and certified independently to meet European Standards for Commercial Use
  3. Lifetime structural warranty.
  4. Solid construction – Uprights are made from 75mm x 75mm structural steel. 
  5. Can be used for flat, incline and decline bench press. You can also do a shoulder press.
  6. Dual access bar supports. The rear of the uprights can be used for a barbell rack.
  7. Docking station for Optional Workbench Accessories.
  8. Commercial upholstery.
  9. Seat adjusts on bearing driven rollers – super smooth and stable. 

Beyond a bench press

Don’t get me wrong the Powertec Bench Press is still awesome for just some good old fashioned heavy flat benching. With a 45cm backrest height, the bench is built low to the ground so you can plant your feet. But the addition of the docking station for the optional Powertec Workbench Accessories is what transforms this from a bench press to something more like a multi gym. 

if you are short on space, the ability to turn your bench press into a leg extension/leg curl machine or leverage preacher curl is a massive bonus. I mean there aren’t too many Olympic benches where you can dock a Lat Tower Accessory and do seated rows with a genuine 300lbs weight load capacity. 

Another handy feature is the dual access barbell supports. There are the traditional barbell supports that you use for all your normal benching at the various angles. The designers added a secondary pair that can be utilised from the rear of the bench. This is perfect if you want to rest your barbell for some barbell curls, military press or power cleans. This makes changing weight plate a lot easier and another reason why Powertec is ahead of the pack.