ATX® Olympic FID Bench Press


✔ FID Bench with 15 Adjustment positions (-10° – 82.5°) ✔ 400 kgs Bench Weight Load Capacity ✔ Narrowing Pad for increased stretch and shoulder mobility ✔ Expandable with ATX optional attachments


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The ATX® Olympic Bench Press has been designed with small studios and bodybuilding enthusiasts in mind. The compact footprint, easy adjustment system and versatility make it ideal for a personal training studio.

One of the most unique features of this bench is the narrower pad at the top which allow your shoulders to sit outside of the backrest pad. While you may be losing some stability compared to an IPF spec pad, what you are gaining is a better chest stretch. It is also worth mentioning that your shoulders are going to have more room to move around, this greatly reduces the likelihood of shoulder impingement.

So if you want to prepare for a serious bench press competition, this bench is not for you. The ATX-OBX-700 Olympic Bench Press is what we would recommend for powerlifting.

RAS – Roller Adjustment System and what’s good about it

German Engineers have designed this bench from scratch, from the special rollers to the square guide rail. The 15 different positions also have laser engraved numbers for easier identification.

The adjustment process is also way easier than one might think. Just pull the pin and lift/lower the pad into the desired position. I would recommend holding the top of the pad with your free hand for even easier adjustments.

Another often overlooked feature is the amount of space this unique design allows you to save. The backrest pad will never stick past the rear feet.

FID bench Press with a possibility to do squats?

You can get a quality flat bench, a quality incline bench, or a quality decline bench, but trying to get one with all three is nearly impossible!

This is where German Engineering stands out, they took their time and designed something which is not only compact and heavy-duty but also functional.

The adjustable double-sided J-Hooks can be used for your flat/incline presses as well as squats.

You may not be able to prepare for the Australian Championships with it, but then again it was never designed for that.

Don’t forget about the decline! The reinforced J-Cups are welded to the uprights. This allows you to do all three bench lifts without being compromising on stability or the height of the uprights.

Optional Attachments

Normally I would never recommend buying a bench press in a home gym environment, why spend so much money on a machine just so you could do a single exercise?

However, the ATX® Olympic Bench Press offers a few more features. From light squats to full chest and shoulder workouts, not to mention the optional attachments which lets build your whole gym around a single station.

If you want more chest development, you can opt for the Pec Fly, if you want to improve your arms, opt for the Preacher Curl and/or Triceps Dip. If it is your core that is trailing, you can get an ab crunch attachment and if you want to add some quad/hammy exercises to your workout you can add the Leg Extension/Leg Curl Attachment.

What’s Included? ATX® Olympic Bench Press (ATX-OBM-650)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 82 kg
Bench Type



Sold Individually.

Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Back Pad Dimensions




Weight Load Capacity






Adjustment Positions

-15 – 82.5




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