WB-HR Powertec Half Rack

This was our official Powertec Half Rack spiel when we imported this rack.

The Powertec Half Rack is very popular in Sydney as it is a great free-weight alternative for people who have limited space. As house prices soar, home gym sizes shrink, so people are always looking for gym equipment that is more compact. But don’t think because this half rack is compact, it won’t be up for some serious training. It is rated for 700lbs.

The Powertec half cage allows you to do all the critical movements like bench presses and squats with complete safety. The adjustable spotter bars allow you to train to failure without a training partner.

Powertec Half Rack in yellow.

If you are really tight on space, we have had several customers who have used our 6ft Olympic Barbell. It is a little tighter when re-racking, but the feedback has been it is a great space saver.

Later on, if you have the opportunity to expand your home gym, you don’t need to get rid of your squat rack.  You can upgrade your half-rack with the Workbench Lat Tower Option. This will give you a high and low pulley for numerous cable exercises.

Sam’s Powertec Half Rack Review

My advice was, and still is, always go for a power rack if you have the space and money. Get half rack only if you really need to. A power rack is just better in terms of safety and functionality.

The downside to the Powertec Half Rack was the spotters. They were perfectly fine if you knew what you were doing and had decent technique. But to the inexperienced you could get yourself into a spot of bother.

That is why we recommended using the Spud Inc Suspension Straps if you wanted a really safe barbell spotting system. Once safety was sorted, the half rack was a really good compact gym option.

Having the option to expand with the lat pulldown option was a big plus. In the yellow colour, it gave your gym some real pop!