Power Maxx 6ft Olympic Barbell

Power Maxx

A 6ft barbell built for power racks in tight spaces. It offers the same exercise variation as a 7ft barbell, but with much more clearance.


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The 6ft Olympic Barbell (185cm) has been specifically made for customers who don’t have the space for a 7ft barbell. The 185cm barbell has the same clearance on power rack uprights as most 7ft Olympic barbells, just a foot shorter!

  1. 129cm clearance between the sleeves. Makes it perfect for power cages and squat racks that are in small gyms.
  2. 28mm solid steel shaft.
  3. Consistent knurling for grip.
  4. Heavy Duty – Rated for 250kg.
  5. Copper bushings ensure smooth rotation when training heavy for years. Sleeves are solid steel, not cheap cast material.

6ft Olympic Barbell

Our old 6ft Olympic barbells were a hit, but they were a bit tight when re-racking the bar on a power rack. So we decided to get the barbell redesigned with the extra clearance to make life a bit easier.

If you are someone that has their home gym set up in a massive shed, you are probably wondering why you would bother getting a 185cm bar. But as a Sydneysider, I can tell that home gyms are getting smaller and every millimetre counts these days. So this bar gives you the best of both worlds – heavy duty yet takes up little of your precious space.

They are even perfect for gyms that may have many power racks set up in a row. These bars are a lot easier to move around the gym and members are less likely to take each others heads off with these shorter bars. You can still fit plenty of plates on for bench pressing and squatting so this will keep the serious lifters happy.

Product Specifications

Weight 16 kg
Barbell Type


Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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