Powertec Leverage Arm Curl L-AC

The Powertec Leverage Arm Curl has combined simple and heavy-duty design with several handy features to make the best value bicep machine on the market.

The angle of the preacher curl bench has 3 adjustment levels. The steep setting targets the lower bicep. Increase the weight and drop the reps and set the preacher pad to the mid-level to target the belly of the bicep. Move the preacher pad to the flat position and increase the weight again and drop the reps as you work the top of the bicep. Your biceps should be toasted by now.

The independent lever arm action on the Powertec Leverage Arm Curl allows you to perform alternate or traditional style bicep curls. The seat is height adjustable so you can fully isolate the biceps on the biceps curl pad.

Like the other leverage multi gym we sell, the resistance is super smooth and direct. The pads on the side of the preacher padlock your arms into the perfect position. Combined with the constant resistance you are able really to isolate and target the biceps.

The Arm Curl was sadly discontinued when the range was revised in 2010. Although we did not sell a lot of these machines, they were popular with personal trainers and small gyms. There were not many preacher curl benches that had isolateral movement in this price range.

Powertec did release a Turbo commercial version. This featured more robust construction. However the Turbo range did not take off. My suggestion was to re-release the L-AC but with better quality grips and and spring pins. These minor changes would have made this machine ever more suitable for small gyms and studios.