Iso Lateral Leg Press vs Leg Press

So you are thinking about an Iso Lateral Leg Press. Let me guess you have crapped your pants when you have seen the price? Iso Lateral Leg Press vs Leg Press – are they worth the $$$$$$$? Well I thought I would ask the bloke with the best legs I know – Lee Priest.

Well according to Lee they are not. He actually thought the Iso Lateral Leg Press is a bit of a gimmick. Lee actually prefers doing a single leg press on a traditional 45 degree leg press machine. If you want to save yourself some coin, check this out:

Lee demonstrating the single leg, leg press on the ATX-BPR-650 45 Degree Leg Press Machine

The Power of Single-Leg Presses

Lee emphasizes the importance of addressing muscle imbalances between legs—a common issue even among seasoned lifters. His recommendation? Incorporate single-leg presses into your workouts. “I do them now. I never did them when I was younger, but now as I got a bit older. These days I don’t go super heavy after I’ve done extensions. I might do one-legged ones first just to get real good blood flow in there, get a good pump,” Lee explained.

This approach not only ensures that both legs work equally hard but also enhances muscle activation and symmetry.

The Verdict on Isolateral Leg Presses v Leg Presses

When asked about isolateral leg presses, which allow each leg to press independently, Lee was less enthusiastic. While he acknowledges having seen them, he notes, “It just feels weird when you’re doing it. Your stronger leg might push a little bit quicker than that one and because they’re not going together, that just feels weird.” His preference leans towards traditional single-legged presses on a normal leg press machine for a more natural movement pattern.

Iso Lateral Leg Press

Gimmicks vs. Gains

Lee is known for his no-nonsense approach to training and equipment. On the topic of high-tech or gimmicky machines, he’s straightforward: “Those sort of things came out as like a gimmick… Just wasting your time and your money.” Instead, he advises sticking to proven, simple methods that focus on effective muscle engagement rather than flashy features.

Practical Tips for Leg Press Excellence

From Lee’s insights, here are a few key takeaways for anyone looking to improve their leg press technique:

  • Start with Single-Leg Presses: Warm up with single-leg presses to ensure both legs are equally prepared and engaged before moving on to heavier, two-legged presses.
  • Focus on Form, Not Weight: It’s not about how much you can press but how well you can press it. Prioritize form over weight to maximize gains and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Keep It Simple: Stick with equipment and exercises that have stood the test of time. Innovation is great, but not all new inventions translate to better results.


Lee Priest’s advice is clear: successful leg training hinges on balance, proper technique, and the right approach to equipment. By focusing on these elements, you can ensure that your leg days are not only effective but also safe. So next time you’re at the gym, remember these tips from a pro and push through your leg press workouts with confidence and power.